Haven Corporation

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Haven Corporation
General Information
Status Active
Leader Abygar Seranor
Owner Trade Federation
Historical Information
Founded Year 16
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Industry Category:Recycling
Holosite Baktoid Armour Workshop

This is about the current iteration of Haven Corporation. Former Organization of a similar name Haven Recycling Corporation

Haven Corporation is the current Recycling Arm of the Trade Federation, the previous Recycling company to be a subsidiary was Vorsia Gearworks.

Created with the remains of Confederate Recycling Company, Haven Corporation employees only the best engineers of the galaxy in service of the Trade Federation. Haven Corporation is in its best while demolishing facilities and stations through Federation space. The ability to safely and effectually demolish a structure is a engineering marvel in itself. However to recycle the remaining materials into Raw Materials that can be reused in future projects is a service only a select few can provide.

Haven is proud to offer such service to its customers. Along with demolishing internally for the Federation, HVN also offers public sales of its manufactured fighters such as the Y-TIE, X-ceptor and the TIE-Wing and datacard rentals. The galaxy is a dangerous place. Things will always be changing and there is one thing for cretin. There has always been the need for some demolishing... Recycling the Galaxy one facility at a time..

Haven Corporation is a part of the Trade Federation's Ministry of the Interior.


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