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Elvira Falston, also known by her Sith name Darth Surra, is an ambitious Coruscanti woman who has served in both the Imperial Army and Imperial Intelligence. She has held several positions throughout her career and is generally considered to be intelligent and competent but stubborn and zealous. She has served in the Empire for many years but rarely mingles with other Imperials, instead dedicating herself entirely to her work. An expert in galactic politics and intel, she has played a role in many operations and political events across the galaxy. Between the years 13 and 15, she played a large role in the writing and distribution of Imperial propaganda, having been involved in the writing process of every article released by the Empire. She is the current Director of Imperial Intelligence and holds a seat on the Council of the Order of the Sith, first as honourary member, later as Lord Inquisitor. (Full article...)

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