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Those who have met Kimberly Tylger tend to remember her not just for her stunning physical appearance but her overall sense of confidence. She has a presence that is calm yet exudes strength; not surprising given the turmoils that have filled her life. She is never seen without the gold ring with the red Arxian diamond gifted to her by her father when they discovered their connection or the diamond-encrusted wedding ring she received from Jado on their wedding day. She can command a room with her presence, give speeches to dignitaries across the galaxy but she loves nothing more than playing with her children. She is humble but she knows her worth.

Kimberly spent all her life thinking she was someone she wasn’t. One lie would lead to another and another, always changing, always adding to her confusion. Growing up, she was known as Kimberly Night, daughter to Daven and Linda Night. Her parents were farmers on Tralus but she spent much of her time in the city. She always sensed that there was something different about her - her parents hated the city, she loved it; they loved working on the farm, she was the complete opposite. She didn’t dwell on it however and just figured that she had taken after some distant relative. But one day all that changed. (Full article...)

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