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Nathaniel Durane was born on Alderaan to a small family. Growing up he was always fascinated with the stars, and hoped to one day fly amongst them. That dream was realised on his eighteenth birthday when his father, Auric, too old to continue as a freighter pilot, passed his ship, the YT-2000 Luscient Assayer, onto his son. With his family financially secured and comfortable, Nathaniel was able to set off on his own adventures, travelling as a freelance pilot and ship's captain for transport services.

On Year 10, Day 224, while stopped on Naboo, Nathaniel was struck by a passing speeder and suffered serious injuries. Hie condition worsened as he was transported to a hospital, eventually turning critical. At the worst of the fight the medical staff almost lost him when Nathaniel suffered a cardiac arrest, ceasing upper brain activity. He was brought back from the brink, however, and stabilised over the next several days.(Full article...)

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