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Navigational Stats
Max Speed 200 km/h
Maneuverability 5
Sensors 1
Terrain Restrictions Cave Forest Glacier Jungle Mountain Ocean Volcanic
Weapons Heavy blasters: 1, Medium lasers: 1, Concussion Missile Launchers: 1
Cargo Stats
Weight 250 T
Volume 190 m3
Weight Capacity 0.5000 T
Volume Capacity 0.7000 m3
Passengers 10
Hull Statistics
Length 16 m
Hull 100
Ionic Capacity 70
Shield 0
Specials None
Raw Materials
Quantum 29
Meleenium 299
Ardanium 60
Rudic 24
Tibannagas 12
Lommite 16
Rockivory 0
Bacta 0
Hibridium 0
Varium 0
Affiliation Techno Union

The Hoverscout was a ground vehicle that did not rely on repulsorlifts for elevation, but instead used hover engines to create an air cushion giving the same effect. Even though they are not as fast or maneuverable as speeders, the engines are less likely to break down and require less maintenance than combat speeders. More importantly, the Hoverscout's operation is very simple and requires little training to be used effectively. Designed for reconnaissance and assault missions, the Hoverscout have proven their worth on numerous planets and terrain types. These versatile craft usually operate alone, but with little infantry support, they could conduct successful attacks and raids. Its low weight allowed it to travel at high speeds, providing an easy escape from an inappropriate situation. The Hoverscout's engine was connected to a dynamo, which recharges the fuel cells as the vehicle moves. This allowed the craft to travel unmatched distances without stopping. The vehicle's air supply was constantly recycled, thus allowing the craft to operate under harsh environmental conditions.