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Imperial FM
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What is Imperial FM?

Imperial FM is a radio station started a long time ago by enlisted men who are now officers wanting to have fun in their spare time. It played various types of music and any Imperial was able to DJ freely.

What's it's History?

Imperial FM was started by Imperial Colonial Police Staff Sergeant Edward Carter and Imperial Colonial Police Corporal Timothy McVale. They created the radio to give the other enlisted imperials something to enjoy and listen to on their off time. They held many shows where the listeners would request songs and they would play it.

After a while, Jathrin Thoyan wanted to get involved. At the time Jathrin was a reporter for the Imperial News Service. So Edward and Timothy gave him his own show on the radio to read different news stories that he wrote to the Imperial listeners.

Eventually Timothy and Edward were given the opportunity by their CO (and Timothy's adoptive big brother), Second Lieutenant Greg Black-Granger, to go with him to the Chiss Ascendancy. They both accepted the offer, and took Imperial FM with them. They renamed it to Chiss FM, and still allowed Jathrin to continue his news show on the condition that the pro-Imperial propaganda be toned down only slightly.

When Isoldor Storm was killed, Edward and Timothy decided to disband the radio.

Some time later, Jathrin decided to revive Imperial Radio. He introduced a few new innovations, and on orders from the Ministry of Operations he integrated the IFM staff into the Imperial News Bureau.

Today we see the same thing happen, IFM comes back, all IFM staff become INB or now in this case IIS


After declining support IFM went into a hiatus for many years until a man with vision came along. Ganondorf Dragmire a man with a history in the Galaxy as a radio disk jockey heard about the legend of IFM one day and then decided to bring it back. Starting his own radio station with his own funds located somewhere in the unknown regions he began running IFM as a pirate radio station.

Though it bared the name Imperial it was not nor never officially recognized by the Empire until he dared to push the envelope after being denied many times by various department heads and commanders for accounts with Imperial FM for radio ads stating that they could not deal with the station because it was not an official imperial department. After long private talks and negotiations with Grand Vizier Taidan, on Year 12 Day 234 Imperial FM became re-nationalized and re-integrated into the Imperial News Bureau shortly until it dissolved and moved into Imperial Information Services

Though IFM faces many obstacles in the future it remains an icon of imperial culture from the old days, a different time.

Who can DJ?

Anyone within the Galactic Empire can DJ without being hired to Imperial FM. Though if you wish to work for us as a DJ we would need to hear you DJ live or listen to a sample or recording of your work plus follow COMPNOR policy for applying for part-time jobs. IFM DJs are paid based on each 60 minute session they do, with competitive bonuses.

Who works for IFM?

Here is a complete list of the staff



Public Relations:

On-Air Staff:

Disk Jockeys

Talk show people

Engineering Staff: