Imperial Fleets

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Current Fleets

Former Fleets and Units

Imperial Command Fleet

The Imperial Command Fleet (ICF), also known as the Red Fleet circa Year -1, had the enormous responsibility of ensuring the Emperor's protection during the early days of the Galactic Empire. I was composed of several Star Destroyers flanking the Super Star Destroyer Fury.

European Division

European Division.gif

The European Division (ED) was a mix Army-Navy unit founded by Colonel Rahvin and Major Gorn Veynom on Year -1 Day 65 under direct authority of then Defense Minister Spytek. This unit was created upon approval of Warlord Vodo as a new search & destroy elite squadron that operated according to the round-the-clock war principles.

Upon creation, the European Division was commanded by Colonel Rahvin with Major Veynom as XO. Rahvin also directly commanded the Army component while Veynom lead the Navy section. The European Division was later split definitively into its Army component, merged into the Imperial Army and Navy component which would become the 3rd Recon & Strike Fleet in the Imperial Navy.