Interstellar League

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The Interstellar League is an alliance of smaller to midsize independent factions based in Mid and Outer Rim Territories. Focused on neutrality, mutual trade and growth, the Alliance is economically based and member factions share datacard, production capacity as well as offer mission support for one another. Each member state is considered independent and is responsible for its own sovereignty.



Members in the Alliance are spread all throughout the galaxy. From the Core to the Outer Rim, many citizens call the Interstellar League home. Below is a list of sectors currently under the jurisdiction of a IL faction as well as a list of sectors.

  • Hevvrol
  • I-Sector
  • Kanz
  • Kliap
  • Mondress
  • Relgim
  • Rseik
  • Thesme
  • Xappyh


Membership in the Interstellar League is open to any and all groups of the galaxy that are dedicated to a neutral stance. There is not a distinct set of requirements for admission besides neutrality. Upon applying, factions can apply as a full member or provisional member. Full members are given 2 senators and full voting rights in the Interstellar League Senate. Provisional Membership is reserved for smaller operations and are eligible to apply for full membership after a set time. Nationalized factions are granted 1 senator.

Full Members

  • Confederacy of Independent Systems (Government)
    • Corporate Alliance (Trade)
    • AeroTech (Recycling)
    • Red Fury Brotherhood (Privateer)
    • Lant Mining Corporation (Mining)
    • Order of Kampar (Religious)
  • Dukha Industrial (Production)
    • MandaPharma (Medical)
    • Minerax Consulting (Mining)
  • Loronar (Production)
    • Bank of the Core (Trading)
  • Byblos Drive Yards (Production)
    • Byblos Developments and Yields (Mining)

Provisional Members

  • Moebious Ventures (Information)
  • Noble Ordnance (Mercenaries)
  • BLACKBIRD Ind. (Production)