Jabiim (System)

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General information
Sector Phelleem
Galactic Coordinates (350, 195)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets Jabiim
Suns Jabiim Sun
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 6
Population ~26,997,412
Controlled By Eidola Pirates
Astrographic Entry Jabiim

The Jabiim system was a star system located within the Phelleem sector in the Outer Rim region of the galaxy which contained the planet Jabiim and the cognominal star.


Planet Position Type Size Population Controller
Jabiim (8, 13) temperate/breathable 8x8 ~26,997,412 Eidola Pirates
Jabiim Sun (10,9) sun 30x30


Station Type Position Owner
Arbiter Space Station Trading II (9,14) Jako Lewis
Mezerel, The Pearl of Phelleem Luxuary Space Colony (8,11) Damyo Kruder
Pariya Vessel Works Shipyard I (11,12) Jako Lewis
Phelleem Citadel Trading I (8,13) Eidola Pirates
[JDF] Tanjerinii Point Ataturk-class Station (7,13) Eidola Pirates
[JDF] Manderinii Point Ataturk-class Station (9,13) Eidola Pirates