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Jabiim Consortium
General Information
Type Consortium
Governor Damyo Kruder
Head of State Florian Laiden
Motto "Through Unity we shall prevail"
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 72
Societal Information
Population ~36,997,412
Capital Jabiimi
Territory Phelleem
Language(s) Basic, Huttese, Durese
Currency Credits, Jabiimite
Political Information
Industry Luxury Goods, Tourism, Manufacturing
Status Active
Political Stance Neutral
Affiliation Neutral
Holosite https://goo.gl/p4BeS7

The Jabiim Consortium is a planetwide alliance of citizenry from all galactic walks of life and races. From within this nation-state an official representative is elected from within one of the four local territories to serve as their magistrate upon the five member governmental body otherwise known as The Jabiimi Council. The planetary governor holds the fifth seat on the Council and he elects a member to serve as his Regent in merchant-business affairs, while he handles the political spectrum.

Headquartered on The Pearl of Phellem, the namesake planet of Jabiim. The government has collectively decided to flex some luxurious industrial muscle and offer the Jabiimite style of goods, vehicles and ships to the galaxy at large. The national motto is "Through unity we shall prevail." and they apply this attitude in their everyday lives for the greater good of all citizens on the planet.



Holopicture of a Jabiimite excavation.

On a isolated planet in a system both exhausted by the civil wars, pirate raids and constant feuds between native communities. Damyo Kruder and a few remnants of the Kelen cult, seek shelter in this desolated place.

With years passing by the system and planetary records would start fading away more and more from the galactic trade routes pushing it even more into isolation. By this time the planet was almost uninhibited, the pirates had long left as there was no loot or anything valuable to stay, the wars had ended as there was nothing to fight for and the outside space lanes were cut as cities were starving for power working using minimal or even no energy at all. The situation deteriorated even more after an influx of Duros refugees took asylum fleeing from their home world and wars in other corners of the galaxy.

Damyo Kruder and Ithorian Xeno-Geologist Uabish`til Rultapras one expedition to the Azzala mountains would discover a strange crystal which would be later known and named as Jabiimite. By chance the simple discovery of this crystal would shape the future of the whole sector.

With this discovery Damyo was able to convince the remaining living natives to join his cause into rebuilding Jabiim into the greatness of the old ages. Due to the large and growing number of Duros refugees, militias were formed by the Duros Union in a way to protect the native population, the recent immigrant population and the recently discovered valuable crystals.

Rebuilding of Jabiim

Damyo Kruder giving a speech to the populace of Jabiim

After the unification of the native communities and the safekeeping of the planetary territories by the Militias a huge effort of development started in all the defunct and destroyed cities as well as the construction of a new capital city and vast territories to preserve wildlife species. In the Year 14 Day 72 the metrople of Jabiimi is finished and from the balcony of the Palace, Damyo Kruder announces to the local populace the birth and creation of a new planetary government known as Jabiim Consortium declaring the city as the new capital of the planet.

"Jabiim will be forever known has the beacon of prosperity and peace. Through Unity we shall prevail!"
— Damyo Kruder

Jabiim Interdiction

'Emperors Net' and the Empire fleet arriving at Jabiim space.

On the Year 16 Day 296 a Galactic Empire interdiction fleet arrives at Jabiim (System) composed of 1 Super Star Destroyer, 1 Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser, 2 Imperial I-class Star Destroyer and 3 Victory Star Destroyers. A day after Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser 'Emperors Net' ignites its gravity well generators interdicting the whole system for months thus preventing anything to leave the system. Several civilians would join the nearly created Jabiim Cosortium Defense Fleet in at orbit trying to fence of the invasive force while the refugee Duros who were seeking shelter on the planet would form the known Duros Union Militias to provide the ground defense against the Imperial landing parties.

Ship Class

Ships Name(ID)

Super Star Destroyer


Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser

Emperors Net

Victory I-class Star Destroyer (x3)

Abrader / Ruthless / Widowmaker

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (x2)

Opressor / Furious


Thanks to the progressive and ingenious policies enforced by the Consortium on Year 16 Day 320 Warlord Squall Chitose declares Damyo Kruder as Governor of Jabiim (System) and Jabiim Consortium as a sovereign independent and self sufficient sectorial government, having full authority on the development and defense of its space.

Current Days

During the last years the Jabiim Consortium has grown in influence and power with a system population boost which has quadrupled over the last years and keeps growing. Currently the Consortium lives prosperous and golden times. Proudly offering a beacon of peace and safety for its citizens and the whole galaxy alike, it exceeds in engineering on various disciplines and continues to decorate the galactic market with luxury goods.


Jabiim form of government body is a Consortium. This consortium is overseen by the Governor which middles and aids the several Magistrates within the 'Magistratorium'. Magistrates are chosen directly by the Governor himself or by voting between the other magistrates, in case of a tie the Governor has the final decision. In some occasions Citizens are able to vote in Magistratorium business, still every Citizen is allowed to propose a 'letter of demand' in order for it to go to voting.

Society and Culture


The Consortium being one of the main sponsors and event organizing helper as been for long tied and connected to the speeder racing scene not only providing resources but also logistics for various events throughout the galaxy. There is also a yearly timed trial contest hosted on the planet with millions worth of prizes for the fastest racer.

  • Jabiimi Bonecrushers

The Jabiimi Bonecrushers are the official and top league sports team of the planet, they have their Arena in the Capital city of Jabiimi. It competes in a variety of sports being Shockball and Speeder Races the major focus.

Economy and Industry



The Consortium is known to craft and manufacture a vast array of luxury goods, from mass produced goods to hand crafted unique pieces of art. It has some of the most unique blueprints retrofited with newly and improved Jabiimite tech available for the open public to purchase.

  • J-3PO Protocol Droid

Jabiim Consortium engineers and renowed galactic droid manufacturer Cybot Galactica have teamed up to manufacture a new and improved 3PO model to accommodate both Jabiim citizens and the rest of the galaxy.

The droid unit comes with new hardware upgrades. Its droid AI Core was upgraded with a JABIIMITECH AA-1 to ensure a faster data processing, making this model able to perform multiple tasks at once. The Power Core was made with a Jabiimite Crystal to ensure the droid will never run out of power for 100 years. And comes with the latest technology on communictor and vocabulator installed by Cybot Galactica called the Translang V.5 wich enables the unit to speak over a million languages, surpassing the standard models giving the unit more improved phrase articulation. Unfortunately the units are still unable to understand sarcasm.

  • J-G2 "Goose Droid"

The G2 repair droid, otherwise known as the "Goose Droid", is a versatile unit designed for all kinds of repair labour. The Goose Droid is best known for its unrelentingly talkative nature, a "feature" hardwired into their personality systems making their tedious repair schedules less boring.

There is rumored to be a positive correlation between the presence of Goose Droids and local rates of piracy and diplomacy. This is usually attributed to poor discretion protocols within the G2's personality matrix. The units are known to blurt out any confidential information they hear to anyone who might ask. However, there is some evidence to suggest that the problem may reside on a more fundamental level of programming. On several occasions, G2 droids have moved beyond simply divulging sensitive information and have explicitly worked in league with pirates. Ironically, these actions usually involved complex layers of deceit and misdirection of a kind once thought to be beyond the grasp of the Goose Droid. For example, one team of G2s orchestrated the theft of a freighter and actually managed to commandeer enough supplies to lay the framework for a viable droid colony on an asteroid in the Chrellis system.

  • J-S40Kr Phoenix Hawk-class Light Gunboat

While using the old blueprints from its defunct and original designer (KSE) Jabiim Engineers changed the original design taking in care most of the critics and needs of the consumers.

The 'J-S40Kr' was retrofited with Jabiimite energy to power its core and hull reinforced with Jabiim mined meleenium. Some more needed amenities were installed to make long distance travels more comfortable and there is an extra luxury add-on possible to install for those who fancy style. It is now possible for the crew of six personnel to travel with the deserved comfort the cockpit was redesigned to have more space allowing pilot to have more comfort and maneuverability inside.

Basic defensive weaponry and moderate armor make the 'J-S40Kr' an effective gunboat. It comes equipped with a superior set of sensors, ion cannons and heavy lasers, giving the ship a well-rounded set of capabilities to handle unexpected dangers.

  • Jabiimi Vibroblade

Vibroblades are the galaxy's main cutting weapon of choice, but this one is handcrafted from hard meleenium found on the planet Jabiim mixing an amount of Jabiimite with melted metals this affecting the vibration of the blade allowing it to vibrate more effectively and with more power.

This product is known to be sold or gifted in special occasions, normally for millions of credits a unit due to them being handcrafted and melting and calibration procedures taking months to achieve perfection.

  • Coral Vanda

The Coral Vanda started being produced as a main need for the planet underwater exploration and tourism and on almost every other planet with underwater tourism, at least one Coral Vanda class sub shows rich tourists the wonders of the light-flooded deep. It was only a matter of time until corporations of all kinds and extremely well-off individuals discovered their own underwater luxury cruiser as a source of prestige. For those who can afford it, the Coral Vanda offers maximum independence, privacy, and safety from paparazzi. There is even a dedicated casino version, since various casino operators on worlds with restrictive taxation or gambling laws decided to hide their activities below the ocean with relative impunity from the prying eyes of tax and law enforcement authorities.


Jabiimi Defense Fleet

The Jabiim Defense Fleet or JDF as short is the main defense force of all Jabiim (System) and the Phelleem sector. It was founded short after the foundation of the Consortium to defend the interests and the people living under the Consortium space. It operates coordinated with the Ground Militias using a vast array of warships carrying numerous amounts of gunboats and fighter squads. The fleets are operated by vast amounts of droids who ensure the security of all citizens and visitors of Jabiim.


  • Duros Union Militia


Ever since their formation during the Jabiim Interdiction, the Duros Militias have been considered the major ground forces working in the protection of the Consortium and its people. The Union militias are vast and well trained Duros Riflemans who ensure the security and defense of ground territories in Jabiim. There is also Duros Commandos who are the top notch forces of the militias and take out the most dangerous missions and tasks that the Consortium requires to secure and protect its citizens and visitors.



'AISEP' or 'Artificial Intelligence Security Protocol' is the main defense mechanism for the Consortium and its citizens. It is a protocol agreed between the consortium and the 'servent' droids in order to protect and secure the Jabiim territory. This 'Protocol' or 'Interface' englobes all droids serving as security, military, labor, piloting and so on ensuring the conditions for both parties are met and respected.


Any traces of religion within the planet are long gone from ages past. There is a almost total absence of religious facilities within the Consortium territory although it is rumored that some citizens and members of the Consortium still follow some teaching of the defunct Cult of Kelen but nothing is proven. The most common sign of religious behavior is between the vast amount of droid models who still worship an unknown divinity who they refer as 'The Maker'.


Recorded Event Date


Year 14 Day 72

Damyo Kruder founds the capital city of Jabiimi.

Year 14 Day 92

The Consortium Palace is built and the Jabiim Consortium is formed by Governor Damyo Kruder thus starting the planetary re-developing plan.

Year 15 Day 60

The 'Twin Isles of Jobreth' and the grasslands of 'Karunder' are declared wildlife preserves.

Year 15 Day 89

The first Duros refugees start to arrive on the planet, the Duros Union settles their chambers in Jabiimi.

Year 16 Day 296

A Galactic Empire interdictor fleet arrives at Jabiim (System).

Year 16 Day 297

Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser 'Emperors Net' ignites its gravity well generators interdicting the whole system for months.

Year 16 Day 341

Jabiim Defense Fleet along with the Duros Union militia fight off the last Imperial troops thus making the fleet to retreat.

Year 16 Day 358

Jabiim Consortium signs the contract with Duros Union, making the Duros Militia the major ground forces of the planet.

Year 18 Day 40

Jabiim Consortium partners with Cybot Galactica to the manufacture a newest protocol droid model the J-3PO.

Year 19 Day 312

Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Jabiim Consortium specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Damyo Kruder. The first headquarters of Jabiim Consortium opened today in Areta on Jabiim.

Jabiim Consortium
Subsidiaries N/A
Allies Consortium Pact Duros Union · Cybot Galactica ·Knights of the Fountain · Cantrell Institute ·Fairwind Exotics · Council of Native Races
Other Allies Eidola
Sectors Phelleem
Branches Magistrate of Industry · Magistrate of Military · Magistrate of Healthcare · Magistrate of Culture
Other N/A


  • Jabfachorfont3.png (Year 19)