Jalyn Wendonai

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Jalyn Wendonai
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan, previously Sakiyan
Homeworld Sakiya
Born unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'10"
Hair Color None
Eye Color Orange with red rims
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance


Jalyn was born on Sakiya to an unknown clan. Whatever his clan name was, the clan had brought upon themselves a great dishonor in society due to a revealed scandal staged by the clan's "pride-father" and various other members. This forced the clan to disband in various ways, with a large portion of the clan being directly involved and sentenced to death. There is no known record of a clan Jalyn ever existing, suggesting the name may be a nickname or a cover.

Born with pale grey skin, "Don" was cast out at a young age and lived in the wilds of Sakiya as a hunter, until later being captured and sold into slavery.

After realizing his skills, the Hutts further trained him for a good part of his life, to hunt, track, fight, and kill. Because of the natural abilities of the Sakiyan race, mercenaries and bounty hunters were hired to train him.

Jalyn began to repay all of the training by collecting debts owed to the Hutts, which he did for a number of years before the Hutts decided to permanently assign him to security at a cantina, due to a nagging injury that resisted traditional healing methods.

During this time, the injury fully healed but Don was left still working as a bouncer and slaving for the upkeep of the cantina. The cantina owner claimed he had bought Jalyn from the Hutts and that now, he was to work for the people the really owned the cantina. The owner gave Jalyn a time and a place to meet his new employers and he was then transported to a shipyard.

Jalyn was a slave no more, and had found freelance work completing a variety of jobs, for various sentients throughout the galaxy.

Sometime in Year 16, when the Metamorphosis Plague struck, Jalyn was felled by the rare disease. Over a period of mere hours, he switched from a green-skinned Sakiyan to a Mirialan, though still with pale green skin.

Current Endeavors

Jalyn was rescued from aboard a drifting YT-2000 in Year 17. His appearance suggested he'd been adrift for some time prior to the ship's purchase by Belloq Tull, who was unaware the Mirialan was left unboard.

Through the judicious use of the Force and some herbal remedies he had learned from his first Master on Dorin, Belloq was able to bring Jalyn back to full health. Much to the Mirialan's surprise, his nagging injury was also healed, through Belloq's skill of using the Force that "heals all wounds."

Belloq gave Jalyn his choice: continue life in the galaxy alone, or come back with him to the battlegroup he had assembled, where his combat skills would be in great demand. Jalyn agreed, and is now a high-ranking combat trainer for the thousands of troops Belloq has under his personal command.