Jarkath Solaris

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Jarkath Solaris
Jarkath Solaris.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Duros
Mother Rana
Father Vardov
Marital Status Single
Siblings Vasto
Born Y:-11 D:200
Languages Basic, Bocce, Durese, Jawa Trade, Pak Pak
Religion Agnostic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 Meters
Coloring Blue/Green
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Sienar Extractions
Rank First Class
Positions Cargo Pilot

Jarkath Solaris is a part of Sienar Extractions as First Class Cargo Pilot.


Jarkath was born and grew up on his parents freighter the Beast of Burden. Jarcath loved growing up on the Beast of Burden and he spent many hours learning the ships controls and systems. From a young age it was clear Jarkath was going to be an exceptional freighter pilot.

Jarkath thought his early life was great always on the move seeing new planets and stations. This great time came to an end when the Beast of Burdens hyperdrive broke down shorting out many of the ships systems. Because of this the cargo holds heating system failed and the resulting drop in temperature ruined the cargo they were hauling.

Jarkaths parents did not have near enough credits to pay for the repairs and the ruined cargo. To make matters worse they had taken out a loan from the Duros lending Institute to buy a share of the cargo. Jarkaths parents reputation would be ruined and the family would be shuned on Duros if they could not repay the loan.

They took out a sizable loan from Ruzuk the Hutt in order to pay for repairs and the ruined cargo.The following year was a difficult time for the Solaris family. With the rather large quarterly payments on the loan the family had barely enough credits for food and fuel. In order to keep the freighter running they scavenged parts from abandoned and derelict ships wherever they could find them. During this time Jarkath become proficient at repairing the ship and the families gear and equipment.

At the age of 12 Jarkath went to salvage parts from an crashed Corellian star shuttle. The remains of the ships were in a swamp on the planet Rendili. Most of the ship was still intact and it was resting on its side partially submerged. Jarkath climbed up onto the ship and found an access hatch that was partially opened. He was able to pry the hatch open enough for him to slip inside the craft. Just as he lowered himself in the hatch slammed shut locking him in the airlock. As Jarkath fumbled around his pack for a light he felt something crawling all over his exposed skin and inside his overalls. Starting to panic he dropped his pack scattering the contents all over the airlock, Jarkath had to get on his hands and knees and grope blindly for his flashlight. While doing this the creatures started to cover his face and getting into his eyes increasing his level of panic. As he opened his mouth to scream the creatures filled his mouth causing him to choke. After wiping the creatures of his face and spitting the ones in his mouth out he regained some composure and found his light. Turning it on he saw hundreds if not thousands of spiders swarming the airlock, they were everywhere he looked.

With the light on and feeling the rising panic he fumbled at the airlock door he just came through. After what seemed like eons and on the verge of total panic he was able to open the door and climb back out. Once outside back on the hull of the ship he tore off his overalls and jumped into the murky waters of the swamp to get the spiders off of him. Ever since that day Jarkath has had arachnophobia and has been know to use a blaster to kill a small spider.

Shortly after the spider incident Jarcaths parents were close to failing to make a loan repayment . In order to pay off their debt his parents entered into an agreement with Ruzuk the Hutt to smuggle contraband. Once they started smuggling Ruzuk would not let them quit and threatened to expose them as smugglers to the empire. This went on until Jarkath was fifteen and his little brother was born.

Desperate to get away from Ruzukand raise their newborn son away from the dangers of a smugglers life they staged their deaths and fled to the outer rim. Jarkath volunteered to stay behind in an escape pod amidst the wreckage of their freighter to throw off any suspicion Ruzuk the Hutt might have about the destruction of the ship.

After being rescued Jarkath made his way back to Duro where he found work repairing ships in an orbital shipyard. There he met an older human male Graff Werthen, who worked at the same shipyard. After hearing that Jarkath had lost his parents and was an orphan old Graff asked Jarkath to move in so he could keep an eye on him and make sure he stayed out of trouble. Jarkath eagerly agreed as he was lonely and more than a little scared being on his on for the first time.

Old Graff was always chewing on a cigar and cussing out lazy workers. He was stern, straight to the point and blunt but fair with Jarkath. As time went on Jarkath missed is family less and less and started thinking of old Graff as a father. Graff taught him how to drive land speeders, how to use heavy weapons and smoke cigars.

In Jarkaths twenty-sixth year Old Graff passed away in his sleep. Sad and with too many memories on the station Jarkath is ready to begin a new chapter in his life and head out to the stars once again.


Jarkath Solaris in his flight suit