Jaydon TaVolarian

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Jaydon TaVolarian
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Father Elm Aran (adopted) (Deceased)
Spouse Laari Redd (Deceased)
Larry Skywalker Married on Year 6 Day 368
Wilhelm von Ismay (Deceased) Married on Year 7 Day 263
Siblings Terak Falcor
Children Jaered Martano TaVolarian
Teeana Getz TaVolarian
Languages Basic, Olys, Corellisi, Dressellese, Nikto, Ewokese, Mando'a and can understand Yam'rii, Defel, Sluissi, Squibbian, Sullustese
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.77 meters
Coloring Tanned
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Sienar Technologies
House Tal'ShenAran
Aliit Ky'bris
Aliit Ar'Klim
Rank Al'verde Aliit Ky'bris
Sales DirectorSienar Technologies
Positions Sales Director, 2IC of Sienar Technologies
Prior Affiliation Trade Federation, Year 16 thru Year 17
  • Member, Ministry of Defense
  • Director of Federation Security Services
  • Pacanth Reach Sector Judge, Bunduki Sector Court
  • External Affairs department
  • Head Archivist of the Federation Library

The Avance Coalition, Year 12 thru Year 16

  • Hall of Peoples Representative
  • Consul for DAPR
  • Avance Infrastructure
  • House Soyak-Ikron
  • APB season 1 - 5

Aliit Ky'bris, Year 10 thru Ba'slan shev'la

  • Al'verde
  • Weapons master

Alpha Medical Corps, Year 10 thru Year 12

  • Combat Medic
  • Interim CEO

House Asclepius, Year 9 thru Year 14

The Wraiths, Year 8 thru Year 10

  • Typhon Battlegroup XO

Tytus Escorting, Inc., Year 8 thru Year 8

  • Internal Security Director

Ailon Nova Guard, Year 8 thru Year 8

  • Department Head Criminal Suppression Division

The Antarian Rangers, Year 7 thru Year 8

  • Department Head Marshal's And Diplomats

New Anzat Order, Year 7 thru Year 7

  • Peoples Guard/ Army Co highest position

Invisible Army, Year 6 thru Year 7

  • Intelligence

Nebular Enterprises, Year 6 thru Year 6

  • Reporter
  • CEO
  • Intelligence
Awards Honour Academy Degree , Won Season 2 APB, Operation Korev, Dahtar Award
External Memoirs

Jaydon began her legal career working as "The Face" of Nebular Enterprises. A job which led to her joining the ranks of the Black Sun as an intelligence officer. After joining the Family she survived a change of leadership, an escape from the Family, two marriages, as well as a slew of jobs including being a Soldier, a Marshal, an Instructor, a glorified Police Officer, and a Security Director. Jaydon eventually cracked beneath her mountain of failures and changing allegiances, developing a split personality who went by the name Franke Eurydice. Frankie was eventually erased from Jaydon's psyche by a combination of Force Induced healing, Psychological Counseling and Psychiatric Drugs. Jaydon eventually settled down within the ranks of the Avance Coalition. She started off with The Wraiths and worked her way over to the Diplomatic Affairs and Public Relations arm of Avance Coalition. While serving in Avance Coalition Jaydon was known for her work with the development of the Caduceus Province government, specifically The Canaries. As well as her work for Clan Ky'bris, specifically raising her twin children as Mando'ade. However it did not last for Jaydon. Between seeing corruption, injustice and plain old-fashioned greed Jaydon gave up on the idea that had once been Avance. After leaving Avance Jaydon joined the Trade Federation. She was soon followed by many other members of Avance Coalition as the two were merged together and Avance Coalition ceased to exist. Jaydon worked in the security services and diplomatic branches as well as for the library. For a time things were going very well for the Corellian, that is until she began to receive the same treatment she had received when she had once been a trophy wife to Wilhelm von Ismay. Today Jaydon calls Sienar Technologies home.

Early Years


Jaydon was born into the Falcor family of Corellia, not the wealthiest of families but decent enough. Jaydon does not remember very much about the early years other than sun-drenched days spent on the Golden Beaches of Corellia full of laughter and love. Jaydon was born around the same time as the Redd's twins, Lars and Laari. The Redd's were longtime servants of the Falcor family. The Redd's had served with some ancient relative of the Falcor's in the long distant past, earning a place forever in the Falcor family. Formally the Redd's were tied to the Falcor's for a debt to pay off after 20 generations of service. A cruel sounding contract, on the surface, but there was more to it than that. In exchange for their service, they were treated as members of the family, living in the Falcor household with access to the Falcor's accounts whenever they were in need of credits. The Falcor estate was even set up that if anything should happen to the heirs the estate would temporarily revert to the Redd's until such a time as a new Falcor heir came of age and could assume the estate. Jeanette Redd, the twin's mother had been first Terak's and then Jaydon's nanny, caring for them until they were old enough to attend school, or in Jaydon's case until they were all sold into slavery. The family had made its reputation in imports and exports, however when Jaydon's brother Terak Falcor was forced to take over the reigns of the family business the family went bankrupt. In desperation, Terak sold off the remaining members of his family, Jaydon, their mother, and 3 family slaves to pay off the debt. Terak then entered the Imperial Navy, putting all thoughts of his family out of his mind.

Jaydon, her mother, and the Redd twins managed to remain together for a few months before being sold off, Jaydon and the twins to a local crime lord, her mother to a group of smugglers operating out of Nal Hutta. Jaydon spent her childhood as an errand runner for the crime lord, learning how he ran his various business and a few other tricks of the trade. During a Corsec raid, she was 'rescued' and placed into the Corellian foster system, which she soon escaped from, returning to the streets and the only life she knew. It was on the streets of Coronet that she met her first mentor, an old smuggler who took pity on the girl. Taking her aboard his ship as a crew-member, he taught her the tricks of the trade and introduced her to many of his contacts. Jaydon quickly developed a reputation for infiltrating a target and priming it for an attack. However the life of a smuggler is not an easy one, it eventually demands payment. For Jaydon that payment came in the form of the life of her first mentor.

With the death of the old smuggler, Jaydon found herself alone, broke and with nowhere to go. Desperate she began contacting many of the old smuggler's friends, only to be turned down one after the other until she contacted a man who would end up figuring heavily in her future, Xanathar Branwen. Seeing her potential he took her into his crew, encouraging her violent side, shaping her into a formidable weapon. Things were going good for Jaydon until an op went bad. The target was a business conglomerate, she was to infiltrate the business headquarters, obtain a layout, locate security points and if possible disable as many of the security systems. She was able to accomplish her goal but in the process of getting out before the strike team attacked Jaydon was caught. Her cover was blown Jaydon faced certain death or the very least life imprisonment. Luckily that was when the strike team struck. With the building coming down around her ears she was able to make it outside and into the streets were she exchanged places with a civilian casualty, leaving trace evidence of her and behind to ensure proper or rather improper identification. The news of her death made it possible for her to go underground, hiding with friends from her days as a slave.

Nebular Enterprises

Eventually, Jaydon tired of living in hiding and decided that it was time to start working again. On Year 6, Day 31 Jaydon looked up her mentor she contacted him and asked for her old job back. But things had changed for him, he was now the owner of an information and news company, a front for an intelligence agency. He offered her a position as his lead intelligence officer and the Face of the news company. Through her old mentor Jaydon was introduced to a wide range of people, establishing contacts throughout all walks of life, and eventually discovering that not only was her brother alive but he was a Master Jedi as well. Working closely under her mentor's tutelage Jaydon further honed her skills at deception and assignation. The two quickly developed a heated romance, which eventually ended in disastrous ruin. Jaydon was left in charge of a company that she had no idea how to run, and a Family she had no idea what to do with. That Family was Black Sun.

But there was another family, or two. First, there was AnnYael Antaria, who would eventually become much like a sister to Jaydon and then there was Elm Aran, who would later become much like a father to Jaydon. Through Anny Jaydon met Skarr Antaria, Falin Dorn, and Taliesin von Ismay; individuals who would make up one of her extended families. On Year 6 Day 261 Jaydon undertook a mission to a mining colony on Argovia, meeting up the Falin Dorn, Von Krolok, and Eric Taylor Jackson. This mission propelled Jaydon into yet another mission this time for Unisec Trade Federation where she encountered a man named Yun Antares, a Sith, one of the first that Jaydon met who openly proclaimed their allegiance. This mission provided the foundation for other missions that would force Jaydon to realize that she had a deep-rooted fear of Force Users, stemming from what her brother had done to her as a child.

GNS Posts

Skarr Bucks


Skarr Buck's, a bar and resort on an island became Jaydon's home away from home, her second office. It was at Skarr Bucks that Jaydon cemented friendships that would last a lifetime. It was also here that Jaydon would often run to to escape into a world of acceptance, drink, and unconditional love. Skarr Bucks attracted all sorts of individuals from Sith to Imperials to Pirates to Jedi. It was on the island that Jaydon learned of Anny's children. It was on this island that Jaydon first experienced the cruelty inherent in the Ismay's. It was also on this island that Jaydon first worked with Imperials during a Hunt for a savage feline. In short it was Jaydon's haven, her center in the Galaxy. Jaydon met and fell in love with a Jedi, Larry Skywalker here as well. Their initial meeting was accidental, but her pursuit of the man was not. Working as the "good guy" to Tara Tylger's "bad guy" Jaydon pursued the Jedi as a source of information and control, another asset in the world of the Family. Through Larry Jaydon met Elm Aran, a being who would prove to become the father that Jaydon had never had in her life. On Year 6 Day 368 Larry and Jaydon were married. Her marriage to Larry was contested by many of Jaydon's friends and several of Larry's co-Jedi. The two were deeply in love and believed that despite their beginnings they were doing the right thing. Life with Larry was idyllic, far better than anything Jaydon had ever believed possible for herself. However it was a volatile affair, passionate, and yet doomed from the start. For a Jedi can not truly love a wife, not without losing that little bit that defines him as a Jedi.

Jaydon's lack of business sense drove the company into the ground. Things were also going badly in the Family. When Jaydon had joined the Family, Xya Howie was the ruling Princess. But now she was dead, and the Family was falling apart. Eventually Adam A. Flynn managed to wrest control of the Family, joining it to his conglomerate SoroSuub Corporation. Jaydon was accused of being a mole for Eidola at this time. For Jaydon being accused of being a mole for a pirate group was the worst insult she had yet received. When she was informed of this she was glad that she had made the decision to turn her back on the petty squabbling that had become the Family.

Jaydon sold her skills to the highest bidder, the Invisible Army, whose general was an old mercenary friend of Jaydon's. Joining the fledgling government Jaydon worked as a security agent, investigating and enforcing the government's laws. The strain of working a legitimate job, combined with the demands of the family she didn't know if she really wanted to be a part of drove Jaydon to the breaking point. The last straw came when she believed her marriage to have failed. In a suicidal rage, Jaydon destroyed a warehouse district on the IA's home planet of Elom, also killing her lifelong friend in the process, Laaris Redd, all under the guise of arresting some gun smugglers. Severely injured in the ensuing damage Jaydon was forced to examine herself and her life closely, and she didn't like what she found. Jaydon's work for the IA continued to decline with frequent bouts of absenteeism as she struggled to make sense of her life, ultimately she was forced to leave her position or face prosecution.



Turning to her husband she followed his advice and enlisted in the New Anzat Order People's Guard, becoming a soldier. Under her husband's tutelage, Jaydon began to learn what it takes to be a Soldier, a warrior with honor rather than a simply hired muscle. On Year 7 Day 124 Jaydon crossed paths with her former mentor while embroiled in a rather strange affair involving armbands that rendered the wearer possessed of Force-like powers while simultaneously propelling them back in time. Surviving the encounter thrust Jaydon into yet another mission, this time to investigate some ruins, and the odd happenings surrounding these ruins. The mission ended in destruction, of an Assassin and the ruins that held within its depths a mysterious and powerful weapon.

However, failure seemed to be the hallmark during this period of Jaydon's life. Larry dissolved their marriage on Year 7, Day 152, in a fit of anger, later trying to rekindle what had been lost between the two. Jaydon failed to succeed as a military officer, failing to motivate her troops and provide them with the experiences and training they needed to remain at their peak. This downward spiral continued into yet another mission this time to Bresnan where she worked with Marcus Dren, Zerix Orbane, N'dar Kaze, and Jim Nilo in an attempt to sway the locals to rise up in rebellion. The rebellion did occur and the planet was returned to its people. The mission showed Jaydon that she could work for good, a common good not just her own good.

Failing at being a soldier for the Anzatan Peoples Guard Jaydon turned to an old friend who welcomed her into the ranks of The Antarian Rangers on Year 7 Day 235, where she found a place that accepted her unique background, welcomed her skills and offered her the guidance she unconsciously sought after. Under their tutelage, Jaydon learned the reasons for her prior failures and began to develop a true feeling for working as a member of a team, all of the time, not just when it suited her. It was also at this time that Jaydon took her first steps into law enforcement and diplomacy.

On Year 7, Day 246 Jaydon heads out to the Lorell Casino with an old friend Skarr Antaria for a bit of rest and relaxation. Instead, she ends up embroiled in the middle of a conflict where she meets up with David Kellar, Ryu, Daktal Hearst, Jamie, and several droids and one Iron Chancellor who wreaked havoc in the Hapan Sector for a short time. Daktal Hearst was to play a pivotal role in Jaydon's life at this point. Once she graduated from the Honour Academy she joined the Marshal's and helped run the Academy for TAR. It was also during this time that she met Shain Zhao who became one of her Marshal's and one of her best friends.

Jaydon became part of the Marshall's whose primary tasking is to enforce the laws and regulations established by The Antarian Rangers and any associated, free governments. Jaydon worked with Shian Zhao, Lailoken Xzanthia, Seren Acrux, Hurq Umer, and Qwazar Elion. Jaydon became particularly close with Shian as they shared many of the same ideas of what sort of a future they wanted to create. They both believed that the law should apply to all equally. And that it should be upheld fairly and firmly. Together they created a formidable policing force, however, politics brought their structure down. Politics saw unsavory individuals rising to powerful positions quickly and against their best advice. Both Shian and Jaydon saw these things, together they left their service to protest these unwanted changes. But the protest was in vain for shortly after they left The Rangers became a victim of the new Back Sun.


On Year 7, Day 263 Jaydon once again ventured into marriage. This time it was to Wilhelm von Ismay, Regent of the NAO at the time. Jaydon had fallen in love with the man despite warnings from old friends. From the first realization that she loved Wil Jaydon believed that it was the Galaxies way of balancing out what had been done to her by her past lovers; Xan and his lies and cheating ways, Larry with his lies and conditional love and violence. What she had found in Wil was the complete opposite of everything she had ever before experienced. Jaydon had even gone so far as to allow herself t become one of those dreaded breeders that she had always mocked in the past, giving birth to twins for Wil. A decision that she sometimes regretted when the two infants woke her up in the middle of the night or demanded her unending attention because they were unable to care for themselves. But she loved them, loved them far more deeply then she would admit to anyone sometimes even to herself. In her deepest of hearts, Jaydon longed to be free from the jealousy that wracked her, free to let the man she loved go wherever he would and do whatever he would. She didn't like her need to force him to spend every free moment with her, but it was there, and it needed to be dealt with or the marriage would end up going the way of her other relationships, repeating the familiar pattern of betrayal that was so prevalent in her life. Jaydon couldn't confide in her closest's friends at the time; Laari Redd, or Elm Aran or Jado Dur`rik, not this time, she knew what they would say, do what made her happy, follow her heart. If she did that though she would only be imprisoning Wil when what she wanted was for him to be happy and enjoy life.

So instead of confronting her problem Jaydon ran from it. On Year 7 Day 264, a day that should have been spent on her honeymoon Jaydon instead found herself hitching a ride from a former, nemesis/friend Ariana Kahlil who was currently involved with Banquo Knox. A situation that happily enough ended with everyone alive and in one piece. The incident served to teach Jaydon that although she was not part of Flynn's new Family Order she was yet considered Family by some. On Year 7 Day 276 Jaydon hired herself out to the Omega Corporation, incidentally searching for a missing party, crossing paths yet again with Banquo Knox. In keeping with this sort of work on Year 7 Day 320 Jaydon aided a fellow Ranger with a little matter of a Cult known as the Jandan Order. On Year 7 Day 360 Jaydon joined several other Rangers on a mission to Ghorman to aid in recovering some missing artifacts.


Cael.jpg Jillian.jpg

On Year 8 Day 9, Jaydon became a mother, something she had never before considered seeing herself become. Rather than loathing it as she had thought she would Jaydon found herself enamored of the two tiny lives that she had produced, a deep abiding love that would see her through the dark days to come. The twins were named Cael vI Falcor-von Ismay and Jillian vI Falcor-von Ismay. Their birth brought Jaydon and Wil back together for a few idyllic moments. Moments that Jaydon vaguely recalled from her own childhood before her brother had sold his family. But it was just as short-lived as her own childhood had been. For once again Wil had no time for his Trophy Wife or his heirs. Jaydon had a decision to make; accept what was happening to her once again and hope that this time things would not repeat themselves or end her marriage before she could be hurt again. Jaydon wasn't worried about the twins, it was a given in her mind that she and Laari would raise them, mold them into something special. But her need for love and affection would remain, and most likely lead her into the arms of someone else who would only treat her as she had been treated previously unless she discovered what it was within herself that attracted betrayal and pain to her and cut it out. Jaydon knew that she could throw herself deeper into her work with the Rangers attempting to fill up her free-time so that she wouldn't notice Wil's absence, but that was only a stop-gap measure and didn't really address the issue of what was wrong with her that she couldn't accept being alone. Jaydon felt that leaving the twins to the care of attendants was not good enough for them so she moved the children to the Rangers Academy where she was an instructor. However, it was not exactly safe there either. Many pirates liked to attack the fledgling Marshals and their base of operations, thus putting the Twins at risk.

Seeking Balance


It was also at this time that Jaydon began to study the idea of religions, the Cosmic Balance or simply The Balance in particular. On Year 7 Day 291, she founded the city of Hestia on an out of the way planet that had been known as Adumar but was now known as Delrakkin. Hestia was designed to be a refuge away from the oppression of the galactic governments. As with Adumar, this city is a new beginning for settlers, a place to forget their former lives as slaves or prisoners, a place to begin anew without fear or prejudice. The first settlement within Hestia was dubbed New Hope. New Hope is situated in the Northwestern corner of Hestia, the seat of governance for the city and base of operations for the Balance on Adumar. The lobby of the building is a sweeping circular affair, granite floors and windows circling the back wall give the lobby an open and aesthetically pleasing appearance and feel. On the right-hand side of the lobby is a row of lifts graced by a small receptionist station.

Jaydon dedicated a temple in Hestia to the Cosmic Balance. Devoted to the worship of the Cosmic Balance, this temple was a refuge for Jaydon and other new believers as well as lifelong devotees of the faith. The Temple took the form of a traditional courtyard and palace structure. Guarding the front of the temple were two statues, shapes really, carved from the local granite into the form of the Balance symbol. Common decorative figures applied to the structures included herbivores intertwined with predatory animals. Another unique feature of the temple structure was the up-turned eaves. This up-turned structure with a beautiful curve presents a volatile and lively style and symbolizes the balance inherent in the galaxy. Reflecting the the changing/becoming-concerned perspective and the unchanging/being-concerned perspective inherent in the duality of the Balance the temple is constructed and decorated in appreciation of this duality, where there are dark colors in one section there are light colors in another where there is stone there is wood, where there are square rooms there are round rooms, where there is light there is dark.

Deeply paranoid for the safety of the twins Jaydon turned to yet another group, this one with deep roots in the shadows. OnYear 8, Day 80, Jaydon joined the Ailon Nova Guard. It seemed like a perfect place for Jaydon and her small family, based primarily in Chandrila ANG was a neutral group with a large focus on military things especially ships. While there Jaydon met and made friends with Troon Kebris, Luke Starsoarer, Keegers Shyia, Greg Mainer, Nathan Swift, Grim Shear, Tezeu Pierdutul. Draith quickly assigned her to head up a new department that was termed CSD or Crime Suppression Division, in short police. WIth Shian's help, Jaydon created the division along the lines of the Marshal's were they had previously served together.


Creation of the Fed'eykan

Becoming even more paranoid about the welfare of her children Jaydon became obsessed with finding a location from which she could work to provide a safe system, or at least safe by her standards, for her young children to grow up within. To this end, she commissioned a space colony to be built, with the assistance of her second in command. The plan was to establish a residence in which the families of Shian Zhao, Jaydon and other Fed'eykan, the name that had been given to her unit at ANG, could live and grow up safely in. Protected not only by the Fed`eykan themselves but by the combined might of Ailon Nova Guard. Jaydon was given complete discretion to develop the Crime Suppression Division, another chance to actively enforce the rule of law that she was growing to believe in.

But the dream was short-lived, as soon after the completion of the colony Shian met an untimely demise. His demise sent Jaydon spiraling into depression, a depression so bad that she tried her hardest to find ways to get herself killed. In the end, she fled ANG, taking the twins to Anzat in search of some sort of safety and comfort from her husband. However, try as she might, schedule as many meetings with her husband as she could, the man never had time for her or her twins. And in her depressed state Jaydon took this to mean that Wilhelm truly no longer cared for her or the twins except as window dressings. Items that he could point to and say see I'm a family man, a compassionate leader just like the rest of you trying to make a safe place for my children to grow up in.

Avancelogo Holocron.png

Unable to tolerate this apparent treatment by her husband on Year 8, Day 153 Jaydon did what she does best, she ran. Taking the twins, Jaydon fled to the Elm Aran family mansion where she hoped that maybe the place could quell her nerves and give her the peace of mind she so craved. However, that was not to be. Shortly after arriving at the mansion, and settling the twins with their adopted father Jaydon was met by an old friend, a former slave master, Wong, the man responsible for most of Jaydon's more specialized training, and a man who had a score to settle with Jaydon. Settle that score he did. He caught her unprepared, shooting her and apparently killing her. He absconded with her body from the Estate, leaving enough evidence behind to make it plausible that she was dead. When her apparent death was discovered and investigated the twins were whisked away to safety within Tal'ShenAran's holdings and Jaydon was officially declared dead on Year 8, Day 153.

Taking her captive Wong tortured Jaydon to within an inch of her life, without asking a single question or making any demands of her. He did it simply to make her hurt and to her remind her that her existence was owed in large part to him. In her current frame of mind, Jaydon was unable to cope with the emotional stress and physical pain so she retreated into her mind, convincing herself that she had been shot and was dead. And in the process waking a dormant personality, one that Wong knew well Frankie Eurydice. Through Frankie Jaydon was able to survive her torture and even give back some of what she received to the man. In the end, she was allowed to escape, with the intention that Wong would track her through an implanted tracking device, and gather evidence to blackmail his favorite pupil with in the future. For Wong he not only wanted Jaydon to suffer physically again, but he also wanted to ruin her life. Wong held Jaydon accountable for the recent raid on one of the planet that his group used to train their slaves upon, escaping with a very expensive group of slaves. As far as Wong was concerned this was war, and revenge rolled into one, with the desired result being to destroy Jaydon's life and make her come crawling back to Wong begging for him to take her in once again, so that he could complete his revenge through her slow and painfully prolonged death in his service.

Somehow Jaydon, or rather Frankie now, as Frankie had become the dominant personality as Jaydon's mind fractured, managed to find a way to gain some help, gaining the use of a Bacta Tank to heel the many wounds that Wong had inflicted upon her as well as transport away from Wong's location to Aldeeraan. Frankie awoke on the transport to find herself in the company of an Aldeeraanian woman by the name of Saalia Evas who seemed to have a knack for acquiring guests. During the trip to Aldeeraan the woman picked up not only Jaydon but a fellow employee and a battered hitchhiker fleeing from a dog fight.

During Frankie's tenure as the dominant personality, Jaydon was employed in various occupations from miner to shipper, to transportation of V.I.P.'s until a chance encounter with a force user began the end of Frankie's domination. Through the help of this force user, and many of her old friends, Jaydon was able to reassert control of her own mind and vanquish Frankie back to the depths from which she had risen.


The transformation from Frankie back to Jaydon came with a price, Jaydon was now completely cut off from everyone she had ever cared for except for two individuals, her life-long companion Laari and her best friends husband, Nir Wana Antaria. Despite this, Jaydon found herself amongst new friends, and a new family in the form of Nir and Ann Yael Antaria's children, who were very close in age to her own twins. As always Laari had stuck behind her, aiding her in whatever she was doing and always, protecting the twins. With Nir's help, Jaydon regained control of herself and threw herself into her new work, that which she had been trained for, a mercenary in the employ of the Wraiths. Once again Jaydon started over in her life, this time with children to care for, and supporting friends, that she hoped would not turn out to be the same sort of individuals she usually picked as her friends.

While working for The Wraiths the opportunity arose for Jaydon to help govern the Sectors of Stensen (Sector) and Bri`ahl, a Sector which used to house the Family Palace, and a one time seat of governance for Black Sun. It was as if the Wheel was bringing her around full circle, and offering her an opportunity to commit good deeds, rather than bad ones. So she took the plunge and joined the ranks of Caduceus Province, specifically Jospro-Azurbani Management Corporation. Under the supervision of a fellow HA member, Jaydon formed The Canaries, and began to work towards freeing the system of Black Sun's influence.

CanariesJMCLogo-4 zps9rrr5mtf.png

The Canaries was yet another attempt to actively enforce the rule of law. The Canaries were a more streamlined approach as the territory that they were tasked with policing was much smaller. The Canaries patrolled the Ghothia system of Stensen (Sector). The mission of The Canaries, collectively as a department and as individual officers, was to provide an exemplary level of service and protection to the residents and businesses of the Stensen System. To ensure the peace and quiet of the public and of private individuals, purging the System of what may cause disturbances, and having each and everyone live according to their station and their duties. The Canaries counted among its ranks individuals such as Aranel Parsimonius, Lucian Fidelis, Elden Sangha, Tolmar Stele, Phaerun Quickblade, Keldar Thane, Joruus Fell, Gwindor Leldoran, who would one day go onto become a Consul for DAPR, and Angries Mainstay. Jaydon also called in the former members of the Fed'eykan and reinstated them in Avance territory. From this point, the Fed'eykan and her newest family would become inseparable.

After working her way up the ranks of the Wraiths, Jaydon found herself forced to make a decision; to either stick with an outfit that did not pay her on a regular basis, and routinely killed many of its officers or commit herself wholeheartedly to JMC, a management company that was formed to govern the Sectors of Stensen and Bri'ahl, which was now being called Azurbani. Weighing into the picture was the fact that her twin children were at a stage in their development that they would benefit greatly from formal education, something for which Jaydon found herself unprepared for. As well as the flourishing Canaries and the Fed'eykan.



Jaydon formerly joined Clan Ky'bris on Year 10 Day 105 for several reasons, chief of which was the continued safety of her family, and the further training and development of the Fed'eykan. The more people dedicated to protecting the twins the better she believed. But also there was something about the Mandalorian's that called to Jaydon, on a very deep, primitive level. It was soon after this decision that she left the Wraiths on Year 10 Day 126 and committed herself to AMC, Alpha Medical Corpsand a supposedly more peaceful lifestyle. However, as it always seemed in Jaydon's life, trouble followed her to AMC. Perhaps it was partially Jaydon's own fault as she had developed a certain plan to rid JMC of former Black Sun operatives. Whatever it was Jaydon continually found herself battling pirates, and eventually having to step into a short term leadership role within the company.

Jaydon made an even larger step towards living a more peaceful lifestyle, at the prodding of her partner Laari Red, and joined DAPR, Avance's diplomatic corps on Year 12 Day 163. Jaydon had learned from her attempts to actively enforce the rule of law that perhaps the real problem was with those who claimed power over others in the form of government leaders and company owners. This step was followed closely by her resignation from AMC to take up the job of a transport pilot, a job that would allow her to spend as much time with her family as she wanted, schedule Diplomatic Meetings when she needed and hopefully stay out of the way of trouble. Especially those pesky pirates that continually seemed to appear and disappear in Avance space. As it turned out trouble continued to follow Jaydon and her family.


The first stretch of trouble came on Year 12 Day 177 during a vacation trip to Vjun. The trip turned deadly when a group of pirates led by a Force User attempted to hijack the liner that Jaydon was vacationing on with the Twins. Luckily there were a number of other Avance citizens, including amongst their number a couple of Force Users and members of the Mandalorian Aliit Ky'bris, together they are able to save the day. The next stretch occurred on Year 12 Day 344. Clan Ky'bris was tasked by Navik Ikron to seek out some relics of old. Working with Shor Urra, Navik Ikron, and Con Semper the Aliit undercover yet another plot to infiltrate Avance and cause chaos and destruction. They are also able to undercover the relic that they had been searching for, a relic that would later prove of great value to the Jensaarai. The mission was considered somewhat successful in that none of the Clan members were wounded or killed. But otherwise, it was not successful. Yet another stretch of trouble occurred on Year 13 Day 207. Once again it involved the Ky'bris Aliit. The Aliit was attacked on Timorra by an immensely large and well-organized group. The attack began with a team of prospectors and their equipment go missing while working on a Ky'bris training facility. It ended with the Aliit fighting its first full-fledged ground battle. At the same time that the Clan was being attacked the Twins were being kidnapped to be used as leverage against Avance. Jaydon was eventually able to ascertain that the group that had kidnapped her children wanted her to sabotage the upcoming APB games. Despite all odds, the Twins were safely returned to their mother.

CDA letterhead.png

Until the Twins next birthday on Year 14 Day 8 Jaydon remained exclusively in Avance Space behind a wall of Diplomats and Guardians. But they did not keep her completely isolated. On Year 13 Day 239, she received some communications from her brother informing her that he had remarried and had a daughter, a Force User like himself and his new wife. In keeping with the theme of the past touching upon her one again Jaydon crossed paths with Lindgart Adjer, an old colleague from her days with Black Sun, on Year 13 Day 342. Lindgart blamed her for his mistakes with Koz and the Invisible Army, going so far as to declare her a betrayer and informing her that he was "Watching" her because he was now a "Watcher." Jaydon found this to be not only interesting but unsettling as well. Jaydon was very familiar with the man's skill set, thus she decided that some more safety oriented changes were required in her life to safeguard that which was most precious to her.

HSI Avance.png

On Year 14 Day 40, Jaydon decided to make a giant leap and join House Soyak-Ikron. She did this to further pursue her career as a diplomat, in her opinion a most peaceful endeavor and one that would safeguard her children's future. Jaydon joined the Diplomatic Branch of the House and was assigned to the Bakura-5 embassy. Bringing her experiences developing the Canaries to Bakura Jaydon hired key employees and began the work of reshaping the Systems image from a largely unsettled area to a more robust, advanced System dedicated to furthering the goals of The Avance Coalition. jaydon also used this time to observe and learn the finer points of the gentle art of political double-speak.

During a family hunting trip on Year 14 Day 88 upon the Ky'bris home-base of Timora Jaydon's lifelong friend, servant and Partner was killed by a Nexu. While outwardly exhibiting very little in the way of normal grieving Jaydon did grieve, in her own unique way. One of which, and perhaps the most public way, was to devote herself to DAPR and training the Twins for any and all dangers that Jaydon could think of. Privately Jaydon hoarded her time with the Twins. She did not let them leave her sight for more than a few minutes, much to the Twins dismay. Amongst Laari's personal effects Jaydon found some information that led her to believe that many of the assets that she and Laari had once utilized in her former career as an Intelligence Officer were in trouble. Spurred by her anger and grief over the loss of Laari Jaydon sets out to track down these assets and do her best to rescue them and set them up in a safe location within Avance space. After taking care of Laaris body and training up some replacements it was time to head back into space to do some retrieval and relocate work. Plus the twins could use a trip out to see Pops. The trip to see Pops on Year 14 Day 88 ended being a bit more tangled than Jaydon expected ultimately ending with the disappearance of one of Jaydon's nieces, Allana Kutol.

This time period also marked a profound shift in Jaydon's thinking. She would strive to do her best to bring a neutral sort of peace to the Galaxy. To that end, Jaydon began working more with the diplomatic branch of Avance. Jaydon attended several public events such as the Coronation of Jado Dur`rik and a celebratory banquet for CIS. Ultimately she accepted a position as the Hall of Peoples Representative. As her activity grew her understanding of the inner workings of Avance grew.

On Year 15 Day 363 Jaydon reached a painful decision. Avance was not what she had believed it was. Jaydon had believed that Avance was a place where individuals could work and live in relative peace. Instead, she discovered that Avance was rife with conflict both inside and from the outside. Avance particularly seemed to attract pirates of all sorts, including the sorts that were given command positions or position from which they were able to attempt whole-scale looting of the various companies operating beneath Avance's umbrella. It was not what she wanted to see her children grow up to inherit. So with a heavy heart, she resigned.

Trade Federation

On the New Year's Eve of Y16, Jaydon had officially been accepted as a citizen of the Trade Federation. Given her more "legitimate" roots, she had been offered two separate positions, one in the Federation Security Services and the other as part of the External Affairs Department. Her previous experiences with the Ailon Nova Guard, as well as her earlier line of diplomatic work for Avance had enabled her to become what she would later call a "good-doer". After a meteoric rise in rank, Jaydon eventually found herself as the head of the Federation's Security Forces, an Ambassador in the External Affairs department and Head Archivist of the Federation Library; all at once. When she wasn't busy with managing the Federation's internal affairs, she'd participated in Operation Korev and received a number of awards for her service including Dahtar Award, Distinguished Service Medal - L1,Good Conduct Award - L2, Good Conduct Award - L1, Reconnaissance Specialist - L1, and Security Specialist - L1.

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During her time within the public service sphere, Jaydon worked diligently to apply the laws of the Trade Federation as equally as possible towards all the citizens under her protection. This valiance led to her considering the idea of joining one of the newly established Houses within the Federation, specifically House Vornskr. The House was built upon the idea of defending the Federation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, a concept that Jaydon wholeheartedly embraced. Jaydon believed to have finally found a society she had been looking for in Avance; one that understood the importance of the impartial, unbiased application of law across the entirety of its public spectrum. However, cracks soon began to form, causing her image of the Trade Federation to shift to a far more cynical perspective. Her repeated attempts at pointing out flagrant abuse of law, combined with the arbitrary behavior exempted by her superiors quickly caused her to abandon any illusion of a fair and equal justice system. Similarly, the neutrality was a byproduct of an opportunistic doctrine that heavily favored those with the means; the Federation would barter with anyone without prejudice, provided they had the coin. Eventually, her internal strife accumulated beyond the point of no return, herself submitting two separate notices of resignation, eventually leaving the Federation for good. In a time of emotional uncertainty, she'd turned to a group that had proved of tremendous aid during her time with Nebular. Jaydon joined the Sienar Conglomerate’s sales department and began working in sales.

Sienar Technologies
Sienar Conglomerate.png


Jaydon had been introduced to a few business practices via Trade Federation Small Business Development Program. While working with the program she had learned many new things and discovered that she wanted to learn more. However acquiring more information was difficult at best, unlike working directly with the Conglomerates Bart Roberts. Under Bart's tutelage, Jaydon learned the in's and out's of operating a thriving trading business. Things like inventory control, customer appreciation, getting everything into a contract, and further ensuring that said contract is clearly understood by all parties. As well as product research, manufacturing and shipping laws, and marketing. By the end of her first year, she had learned enough to triple the yearly sales for Sienar Technologies, partially through the introduction of Coupons which came out of a team idea that started off on the premise of developing monthly specials and grew from there.

Individualized Training

  • Year 3 Mentorship under Xanathar Branwen as Mercenary Infiltration expert
  • Year 6 Intelligence training under Xanathar Branwen and Tara Tylger
  • Year 6 Further Training as Intel officer under Koz Ofyurdeath
  • Year 7 Soldiering training under NAO New Anzatan Order Peoples Guard
  • Year 7 Marshal Training Under The Antarian Rangers
  • Year 8 Police Enforcement Training Under ANG Ailon Nova Guard CSD, [Teräs Käsi] training begun as well
  • Year 8 Space Combat begun under The Wraiths
  • Year 9 Police Enforcement training furthered with The Canaries under Jospro-Azurbani Management Corporation Caduceus Province
  • Year 9 Begun training for Pugilistic Bouts in APB
  • Year 12 Diplomatic Training begun under The Avance Coalition's DAPR
  • Year 13 APB Team Frakked
  • Year 16 Security Services training begun under Trade Federation
  • Year 17 Sales training begun under Sienar Conglomerate
  • Year 19 learned Am`Cuf Ama Rak from Sekou Tau


The Merlin was the first ship that Jaydon was ever given. It came to her through Xanathar Branwen's hands after having spent some time in the hands of Banquo Knox.
The Mule was the first YV-666 that Jaydon bought. She converted the ship into a mobile hospital/transport in order to aide in transporting rescued slaves to her city, Hestia on Delrakkin


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