Jett Blackheart

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Jett Blackheart
Jett Blackheart.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human (Kiffar)
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Kiffex
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Positions Director of Imperial Intelligence

Early life

Jett Blackheart first appeared on the galactic radar in Year 7 Day 179. Not much is known of how or who helped him finally depart his home-world of Kiffex. He ended up on the planet Tatooine, where down on his luck, he was recruited by Adam A. Flynn of the Black Sun Crime Syndicate. He served as a member of the Sorosuub Conglomerate. His first duties required him to provide reconnaissance for Black Sun forces fighting in the Second Galactic Civil War. He directly participated in the Second Battle of Tatooine against the forces of the New Imperial Order.

When Sorosuub became a member of the New Republic, Jett decided to follow his former leaders and served as a member of the New Republic Security Forces (NRSF). It soon became evident the New Republic looked down upon the NRSF members and did not trust them. Frustrated, Jett was preparing to depart from the New Republic when he was approached by Adam A. Flynn once again and asked if he would be interested in moving back into Black Sun. Jett accepted the offer and was told to await his orders to move.

On year 8 Day 310 Ingo R Vailis and Adam A. Flynn initiated a Coup of the newly formed New Republic government. It was at this time that Adam A. Flynn contacted Blackheart and instructed him to move from the New Republic back into Black Sun. For his loyalty, Jett was eventually made a Battlegroup Commander for the newly formed Black Sun military forces. It was during his time as Battlegroup Commander that Black Sun held force tests. Jett was found to be force sensitive by Jedi Grandmaster Uzziah Akim. Akim was also a Black Sun Shadow Vigo. During the testing he accidentally revealed his identity to Jett. This action led to Black Sun leadership bringing Jett closer into their fold to protect their secret.

Shortly after, Jett was selected for a high-risk mission to capture a high-ranking Jedi Master. Blackheart was most likely selected as a way to ensure the identity of Shadow Vigo Uzziah Akim was protected in the event of Blackheart’s death. Utilizing Zarathustra, the Dark Princes personally owned and modified YT-2000, Blackheart moved out to a secret location to await orders for the operation. While enroute on a diplomatic mission, Tomra Kotar, a Black Sun operative was able to secretly pass entrance codes and add Blackheart to the crew list of the Jedi Master's ship before they jumped to hyperspace. Kotar attempted to arrest LaSalle once in hyperspace, but he failed and was in turn taken into custody by the Jedi.

Instead of aborting hyperspace LaSalle decided to allow the ship to finish its current navigation course. Jett had tracked the arrival point of the Consular Class Cruiser Diablo to the Polith System and was waiting at the far eastern hyperspace entrance point. As soon as the ship arrived, Jett quickly docked and entered the ship. He found LaSalle standing near the entrance with Tomra Kotar under arrest in stun cuffs. A quick battle ensued that ended with the Dark Jedi easily defeating the Jedi Master and taking him into custody. LaSalle was taken before Dark Prince Adam A. Flynn who sentenced the Jedi Master to death. Blackheart was also responsible for carrying out LaSalle’s execution. The Black Sun leadership were stunned that Blackheart was actually successful at subduing LaSalle. They once again needed to decide what they would do with him. Adam A. Flynn decided to make Blackheart his personal Spectre of Golgotha to oversee all aspects of the Dark Prince’s security.

Blackheart was extremely successful at protecting the Dark Prince for quite some time, but it was during this time he was introduced to Coeus Ahlstedt of Silhouette. Blackheart was eventually convinced to assist Coeus’ organization to capture the Dark Prince in exchange for power and a chance to possibly become a Sith. The plan almost fell apart, but Blackheart was still able to convince Flynn to board his personal ship where he was then taken into custody. Flynn was then handed over to Silhouette who in turn turned him over to Emperor Vodo Bonias. Jett joined Silhouette and worked for Silhouette until Coeus Ahlstedt was captured. It was at that point he liquidated the company and started looking towards service in the Galactic Empire.

Joining the Empire

Acceptance into the Sith

A Man on a Mission

Return to the Empire