Jett Blackheart

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Jett Blackheart
Jett Blackheart.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human (Kiffar)
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Year -31 Day 318
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Silhouette

Early life

Jett Blackheart first appeared on the galactic radar in Year 7 Day 179 hailing from the planet Kiffex. Not much is known of how or who helped him finally depart his home-world. He first ended up on the planet Tatooine, where down on his luck, he was recruited by Adam A. Flynn of the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, where he served as a member of the Sorosuub Conglomerate. His first duties required him to provide reconnaissance for Black Sun forces fighting in the Second Galactic Civil War. He directly participated in the Second Battle of Tatooine against the forces of the New Imperial Order.

When Sorosuub became a member of the New Republic, Jett decided to follow his former leaders and served as a member of the New Republic Security Forces (NRSF), and also under NR Starfighter Command. It soon became evident the NR government looked down upon the former Black Sun and Sorosuub members, and did not trust them. Frustrated, Jett was preparing to depart from the New Republic. He was by chance approached by Adam A. Flynn once again, and asked if he would be interested in moving back into Black Sun. Jett accepted the offer and was told to await his orders to move.

On year 8 Day 310 Ingo R Vailis and Adam A. Flynn initiated a Coup against the newly formed New Republic government. It was at this time that Adam A. Flynn contacted Blackheart and instructed him to move from the New Republic back into Black Sun. For his loyalty, Jett was eventually made a Battlegroup Commander for the newly formed Black Sun military forces. It was during his time as Battlegroup Commander that Black Sun held force testing. Jett was found to be force sensitive by Jedi Grandmaster Uzziah Akim. Akim was also a Black Sun Shadow Vigo as well as leader of the Jedi Order. During the testing Akim accidentally revealed his identity to Jett. This action led to Black Sun leadership bringing Jett closer into their fold to protect their secret.

Shortly after, Jett was selected for a high-risk mission to capture a powerful Jedi Master. Blackheart, was most likely selected as a way to ensure the identity of Shadow Vigo Uzziah Akim was protected if Blackheart was killed in the ship boarding attempt. Utilizing Zarathustra, the Dark Princes personally owned and modified YT-2000, Blackheart moved out to a secret location to await orders for the operation. While enroute on a diplomatic mission, Tomra Kotar, a Black Sun operative was able to secretly pass entrance codes and add Blackheart to the authorized crew list of the Jedi Master's ship before they jumped to hyperspace. Kotar attempted to arrest LaSalle once in hyperspace, but his attempt failed and he was in turn taken into custody by the Jedi Master.

Instead of taking a chance and aborting hyperspace LaSalle decided to allow the ship to finish its current navigation course. Jett had tracked the arrival point of the Consular Class Cruiser Diablo to the Polith System, and was waiting at the far eastern hyperspace entrance point. As soon as the ship arrived, Jett quickly went into action, docking and entering LaSalle's ship. He found LaSalle standing near the entrance with Tomra Kotar under arrest in stun cuffs. A short battle ensued that ended with the Dark Jedi easily defeating the Jedi Master and taking him into custody. LaSalle was taken before Dark Prince Adam A. Flynn who sentenced the Jedi Master to immediate death. Blackheart was also later responsible for carrying out LaSalle’s execution. The Black Sun leadership were stunned that Blackheart was actually successful at defeating LaSalle. They once again needed to decide what they would do with him, since he was privy to highly sensitive Family information. Adam A. Flynn decided to bring Jett closer into the fold and made Blackheart his personal Spectre of Golgotha to oversee all aspects of the Dark Prince’s personal security.

Blackheart was extremely successful at protecting the Dark Prince for quite some time. He uncovered and thwarted several attempt to take the Dark Princes life. Over time his relationship with Flynn began to deteriorate. On one occasion the Dark Prince made the mistake of openly scolding and embarrassing Blackheart in front of others rather than in private. This was the final event that made Blackheart decide he no longer wanted to serve in Black Sun. While serving in a former Black Sun mission, Jett was introduced to Coeus Ahlstedt of Silhouette. Jett had accidentally boarded Coeus' ship during a mission surprising both Coeus and Blackheart. Blackheart began to communicate regularly with Coeus, and was eventually convinced to assist Coeus’ organization to capture the Dark Prince. Jett was promised power and a chance to possibly become a Sith in return for his successful mission execution. Jett agreed to assist Coeus' Silhouette and plans were set in place. The plan almost fell apart when Coeus made a careless mistake, but Blackheart was still able to convince Flynn to board his personal ship even though several others unfortunately escaped. Once Flynn was onboard he was then taken into custody by Blackheart. Flynn was then handed over to Silhouette who presented him to Emperor Vodo Bonias. Coeus and Jett were both permitted to board the Emperor's personal ship where Jett received his bounty and promise of a possible future in the Order of the Sith. Jett then joined Silhouette until Coeus Ahlstedt was eventually captured. With Coeus gone and remaining members plotting to eliminate him, Blackheart liquidated Paradigm Laboratories which maintained all of Silhouettes assets, and started looking towards service in the Galactic Empire.

Joining the Empire

Blackheart joined the Galactic Empire, and after a short period working in the Ministry of Industry was appointed as the Executive Director of Primus Medical. Blackheart’s career in the medical industry was turning out to be extremely successful with his successes being published in the Galactic Empires premier magazine "Iron Will." With many of the units within GE lacking any type of reliable medical supplies, Jett quickly developed a plan that would establish medical hubs in each of the Galactic Regions. This established a medical logistic network that ensured GE branches could draw required medical supplies from their geographic regions medical hub as they were needed. The supplies distributed during Blackheart's time as Executive Director was the first time large scale distribution of these medical supplies had taken place. Increased farming and refining of alazhi was also made a priority to ensure medical production had a steady source of bacta. Unfortunately, large successes are usually followed by large crashes, as an Imperial Coup was launched to remove Emperor Bonias.

During the overthrow of Emperor Bonias, Blackheart stood behind him and continued to support the ousted Emperor. He continued to fight to have him returned to the Throne. Jett decided that as a show of support for the Emperor he would resign his position as Executive Director of Primus Medical in protest. This did not have the desired result that Jett had hoped for. The new leadership gladly took his resignation and pronounced him as a Vodoist. Jett no longer had any responsibilities in the Galactic Empire at this point, but he did still held membership in the Order of the Sith.

Acceptance into the Order of the Sith

Blackheart was recruited into the Order of the Sith on recommendation from Emperor Vodo Bonias. Jett’s success in the Order of the Sith was ending up to be just as successful as his job working for Primus Medical. While serving under Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Volentus, Jett achieved the rank of Darth, and stood up the Sith’s intelligence organization known as Inquisitorious. He served as the first official Grand Inquisitor until his departure from the Galactic Empire and the Order of the Sith.

After the overthrow of Emperor Bonias, Jett had a hard time adjusting to the eventual leadership changes within the Order of the Sith. This was very apparent to Emperor Guinar Ndenjin and the new Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Virsunas. They approached Jett with a special Sith mission that would require Blackheart to depart the Galactic Empire and the Order of the Sith to work as a contracted agent outside of the Galactic Empire. His mission was to join up with Myn Kuat who had recently departed the Sith Order, and eventually eliminate him to take control of Kuat Drive Yards. This mission would officially end any contact with GE and Order of the Sith personnel until the job was completed. The attempt to kill Myn Kuat was unsuccessful, but Jett was successful in putting Kuat Drive Yards into a position where Myn was forced to sell off the Company. When Jett returned to the Emperor to give his report he was told to await further instructions.

Creation of the Potentium Order

Year 13 Day 217: A new cult emerged today. The Potentium Order will try to attract worshipers, under the leadership of Jett Blackheart. The first headquarters of The Potentium Order today opened on The Rock.

Elimination of the Freedom Warriors

While awaiting instructions from the Throne, Blackheart decided to work as a contracted agent for Imperial Intelligence. He spent time infiltrating enemy factions and gathering intelligence for his Imperial Handler. His last job had him joining the Freedom Warriors. This Galactic Alliance faction was ran by the Galactic Alliance Secretary General Wuma Uxal-Lumir and Valkiry Fair who was also leader of the NRI Peace Walkers. Jett spent a couple years working himself into Freedom Warrior leadership, awaiting the time when he could take advantage and destroy the organization. That time finally came when Wuma was away from the organization on business. Jett tracked Wuma down to the surface of the planet Kether where he entered the Secretary General's ship and eliminated him on the spot. At the same time Imperial Intelligence was given access to the ship of Valkiry Fair who was taken into custody. With all of the leadership gone, Jett now worked to capture and eliminate all of the remaining Freedom Warrior personnel. With his mission complete, he decided to approach Galactic Empire leadership to once again plan his return to active Imperial service.

Return to the Galactic Empire

Shortly after eliminating the Freedom Warriors, Jett returned to the Galactic Empire. He served for a short period as a Captain (0-6) in the Imperial Navy, but resigned his commission in the Navy to take a position in Imperial Intelligence serving under Director Seele. Jett served as an agent handling selected contract agents who were assigned to him. After almost a year, he was offered the position as Imperial Intelligence Bureau Chief of Operations under the newly appointed Director of Intelligence Inwe Ventidius. Jett was now responsible for the recruitment and overall intelligence collection activities for the entire Galactic Empire. He immediately began recruiting new agents and contract agents greatly increasing the amounts of information pouring into Imperial Intelligence, and increased targeting of key enemy factions, with the priority falling on New Republic and Galactic Alliance.

Jett served under Director Ventidius for almost a year before he was selected by the Emperor to relieve Director Ventidius as Director of Imperial Intelligence. Upon assuming the position, and now seeing the full picture of Imperial Intelligence,it was obvious that much work needed to be accomplished in order to restore Imperial Intelligence to a fully functional and efficient Branch of the Empire. Director Blackheart immediately appointed his replacement in II Operations, and he also set about to re-establish the Bureau of Analysis which had been closed by Director Ventidius due to lack of personnel. Jett also began solidifying the merging of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) into the Imperial Intelligence as its 3rd official bureau. The head of ISB was officially recognized as second-in-command of Imperial Intelligence, and the new position of ISB Bureau Chief was created.

Director Blackheart next tasked the Bureau of Operations to stand up an aggressive recruiting campaign that significantly increased the number of contracted agents spread throughout enemy factions. Bureau Chief of Operation Vladamiur Veselov was appointed by Blackheart to assume this huge task, and he proved extremely successful in standing up one of the most successful intelligence networks in the galaxy. Galen Darksol (AKA Agent Brass), was a long time contracted agent that held the highest priority of the Imperial Throne and the Ubiqtorate. Director Blackheart was responsible for communicating the will of the Empire and steering Agent Brass in the direction that would eventually guarantee destruction of the New Republic Government. This handling was done through Bureau Chief Veselov, and on occasion directly from Director Blackheart.

Blackheart also placed new emphasis on the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations (IOCI)to stand up and increase the use of bounty hunters and mercenary units to aid Imperial efforts in the capture or elimination of known criminals. They could also be utilized to strike enemy targets. Blackheart appointed a commander to the Imperial Special Operations Command (ISOC)in order to begin the process of getting the unit equipped and organized for future operations. This unit was to be utilized for the conduct of deep strikes within enemy territories, well beyond the normal reach of Imperial forces.

The Bureau of Analysis was also re-established under Director Blackheart, after being closed by Director Ventidius, who claimed it was not a vital part of intelligence collection in the Galactic Empire. The individual selected by Blackheart for this job was Bureau Chief of Analysis Navarro De Molay. Under the orders of Director Blackheart, Chief De Molay re-opened the Bureau and also directed an aggressive recruiting campaign to bring in Imperial analysts. This once again gave the Galactic Empire access to verified intelligence rather than raw unverified information. Blackheart directed De Molay to reopen Inquisitorius, to once again begin collection of force factions and personalities throughout the galaxy. This also created liaison between II and the Order of the Sith, which had been lacking for quite some time. The Department of Military Intelligence (DMI), was also later authorized to be reopened to ensure lines of intelligence were open and flowing between the military and Imperial Intelligence entities.

Director Blackheart took great strides to fully complete the merger of ISB from COMPNOR into Imperial Intelligence. The merger had happened prior to Blackheart assuming command of II, but there were still administrative changes that had not taken place, and there was still some animosity between ISB and the tw0 Bureaus within II. Director Blackheart removed the responsibility of the DDIR who still served as the head of ISB. Blackheart authorized the creation of a new Bureau Chief position within the Imperial Security Bureau. This now gave ISB representation within II, while giving the Deputy Director more leadership and latitude to work on all II issues rahter than those in the Imperial Security Bureau. This and other actions taken greatly enhanced the morale of ISB and made them feel like they were accepted into the II community.

While serving in Imperial Intelligence, Jett was involved in many small conflicts and operations. While serving as the Bureau Chief of Operations, he was involved in the conflict and Imperial victory in the Hosnian System against New Republic and their multiple allies. While serving as the Director of II, Blackheart was involved in the Krmar conflict victory over the Arch-Duchy of Tolonda and NR serving alongside Imperial Union allies. His final operation was conducted in the Corellian Sector. After the Regional Government failed to take appropriate and timely measures against CORSECs insurrection, Director Blackheart declared emergency powers, temporarily removing the Regional Moff's powers and assuming command of the overall operation. Blackhearts quick actions were key to successes in the conflict. Blackheart quickly ordered the deployment of additional combat and support forces to the sector. These forces were critical to denying the loss of planets in multiple systems throughout the sector. Even though the mission overall resulted in a loss of GE territory, the actions initiated by Director Blackheart allowed Imperial Forces to turn the tide of the conflict. This greatly reduced the potential for greater losses in the Corellian Sector. The actions taken by Director Blackheart were widely supported by the vast majority of the Imperial High Command, but the Imperial Throne did not share the same sentiments regarding Blackheart's actions.

Return to the Order of the Sith

After returning to the Galactic Empire from his time operating abroad, Jett once again returned to the Order. He was known as Darth Sicarius, and he served as the head of the Sergeti Enclave and as a member of the Sith Council. Upon retirement from GE, Darth Sicarius decided to also step down from the Sergeti Enclave, and as a member of the Council.

Retirement from the Galactic Empire

After the Corellian conflict had ended, tensions between the Imperial Throne and Ubiqtorate now seemed to be ongoing. The Emperor did not approve of the quickness or aggressiveness in which Director Blackheart often intervened in Imperial operations or affairs. The action of temporarily relieving the Regional Government and assuming temporary control of the Corellian Sector was never forgiven by the Emperor. Rather than continuing to have Imperial Intelligence suffer due to his leadership disputes with the Throne, Blackheart decided to step away as Director of II, and he retired from the Galactic Empire.