John Callaghan

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John Callaghan

John during a mission on Tatooine
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Jennifer Callaghan-McAndrews
Father Luke Callaghan
Siblings Jay Callaghan, Mark Callaghan, Alexander Callaghan, Mary-Jane Callaghan, Diana Callaghan, Meiyo Kawaii (Adopted)
Born Year -26 Day 245
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98 meters
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank Commodore (Navy)
Positions Dean of Military Studies, NR Academy
Attaché, Republic Diplomacy Command
Prior Affiliation N/A
Awards Republic Mentor Award
Republic Readiness Award
Combat Engineers Ribbon
Master Pilot Ribbon
Expert Medical Officer
1 Year service
Navy Ribbon
Academy Graduation Ribbon

John Callaghan is a Commander in the New Republic Navy. He is a well respected officer, and a friend to many. His best friend is Major Solas, of the New Republic Army. He is known as a good, and fair Commander who won't hesitate in the face of battle. He is a Commander that is interested in his subordinates, and who will always make a friendly chat with his men if he comes across them off-duty.


Early Life

John was born as the first of six to Hapan parents, living on Corellia. His parents having left the isolated Hapan corner of space to seek adventure, at first. Later they settled down and started a shipping company together. By the time John was born, his family was doing quite well, they had credits and all the comforts they needed. The company was doing great. Business was booming due to the fact that the Clone Wars were looming, and even the Galactic Government paid well for safe transportation of their goods.

As said, he was the first of a grand total of six children. Three brothers, and two sisters came after him the next couple of years. The eldest of them all, John was very protective of his five younger siblings. Especially his little sisters received this, whether they wanted it or not.

When he started to go to school, he had good marks, and a few friends, but not too many. This changed when he started to play for the school's boloball team. John was a striker, and after a little while he became the Captain of the team. His name would go into the history books as the youngest Captain the school had ever had. From an early age he started showing an interest in spacecraft, and spent his free time with his father, who taught him about the craft in his company. That is, when he was not practicing boloball.

After finally graduating secondary school, his father gifted him one of the YT-2000's, and he named her Serenity. Taking his sweetheart with him, John toured the galaxy. A year he spent, partying till he could party no more. Being drunk till the next time he was drunk, and with women on both arms.

This changed when he came across the New Republic, though. He learned that their ideals matched his, and so he signed up for the Republic Navy. He doesn't know how he did it, but he managed to get himself recommended for OCS after bootcamp, and was sent off to the Academy.

Life in the New Republic Navy

John liked the lifestyle of the Military. In the Academy, he was taught everything he needed to know about being an officer in the New Republic Navy. He studied tactics and engineering, map-reading and what it meant to be in command. In the end, he managed to graduate with an average mark of 90%.

He was commissioned as an Ensign, and reported to his first assignment. Due to a shortage of Marine Officers, John was selected to lead a platoon of Marines into battle.

His first few months in the Navy were mostly spent overseeing, and providing security for construction efforts. While this wasn't something he had really trained for, he didn't dislike the somewhat boring and repetitive labour at all. In fact, he rather liked this as a first assignment. It'd give him a chance to bond with his men, and to really get to know the people that were supposed to have his back in battle.

John's first taste of combat came after he was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade). His Marines were sent to Tatooine, where they were to apprehend a dangerous criminal. Intel was sketchy, but it had been determined that the man's hideout posed no challenge for the trained Marines.

Callaghan following his promotion to Lieutenant-Commander.

They walked straight into an ambush. The man had several highly-trained operatives in his employ, and they had been waiting. In a matter of seconds, two marines were dead, and four were wounded. The marines pulled back, and organized an assault on the defenders' position.

After hours of heavy gun-fighting, the battle was over. The enemy combatants surrendered. The butcher's bill was a hefty one, though. Ten men were Killed in Action. Another fifteen were critically wounded, and needed to be treated aboard the ship. John was devastated, yet he still received an award for it.

After he received a promotion to Lieutenant, John was given command of a Sabaoth-Class Destroyer. She was a beauty of a ship, manned by a good people. It was a plum command for someone as junior as he, but he liked it.

He saw plenty of action, and after a while, the ship began to show it. She wore her battle scars with pride, and John would not let the engineers in the shipyards touch her paint so that it may scare potential enemies.

During one operation, the last during his time as Commanding Officer of the Sabaoth Destroyer, John led his crew into battle again. He decided to lead a boarding operation himself. He and a squad of Marines re-captured the bridge for friendly forces, but were forced to hunker down there until relief could come.

Several men were wounded, including John. He was sent to a larger ship, as his own didn't have adequate facilities. He made a full recovery, but kept the scar to remind him of how close his brush to death was.

Following this Operation, John was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander. At the same time, he became a Military Instructor at the New Republic Academy.

He wasn't a Lieutenant-Commander for long. Soon after his promotion he was promoted to Full Commander, and was given one of the most advanced warships the New Republic had to offer. The feeling he had when he first stepped onto the bridge of one of these vessels he could not describe.

During an operation in Year 16, Commander Callaghan's forces were betrayed by one of their own. This caused the capture of several people, John included. He spent some time in an Imperial prison before he was released afterwhich he rejoined his allies.

For his actions during this time, he was promoted to the rank of Captain. He was also given a service star for his Service Award, and on top of that he received the Good Conduct Award. Around this time, he also joined the Academy's senior staff as the Dean of Military Studies.

When the Republic Diplomacy Corps was recruiting not long later, John jumped at the chance and started at the RDC Academy a few days later. With good marks, he only just didn't graduate with honours. He got to work as an Assistant-Attaché, and soon got promoted to Attaché.

It was also around this time that he received a promotion to Commodore. With this promotion he officially got a seat on the Admiralty board.