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Jormungand Gand
Biographical Information
Race Gand
Homeworld Gand
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Lofn Gand
Children None
Born Year -15 Day 54
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.6 m
Coloring Tan
Eye Color silver
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Rank Vigo
Positions CO of Infra
Prior Affiliation


Jormungand Gand is a regular Gand from the planet Gand. He wears a tan robe over what appears to be armor underneath, but it is hard to distinguish if its armor or just the Gand's exoskeleton. A silver breathing apparatus dangles down with some cords snugly tucked into the robes. A red and black medal hands around his neck and tucked into his robe, the symbol on the medal can't be seen with how it is tucked into his robes.

Early Life

Jormungand Gand is an average Gand, from an average Gand family. He is from the planet Gand and lived with his family within the Craag'haarn tribe. He had a hard working father and a loving mother. He also had a younger sister by the name of Lofn. They lived in a small village and did their daily duties with honor and hard work. Never tarnishing their names always playing it safe as their forefathers did.

One day while doing their daily routine a neighboring tribe attacked their tribe. His mother and father died protecting their home. His sister is believed to have been killed too, but her body was never found. Jormungand wanted revenge, he wanted war. But after the second coming of Hal his tribe decided they would not retaliate and move for a peaceful solution. Jormungand was devastated by this and left Gand to wander and never spoke of what happened on Gand or of his family again. He just roamed around the galaxy doing odd jobs, bounty hunting, escorting, mining, etc, until one day at a tavern he saw a recruiting add. A recruiting ad for Centarra Mining, he grabbed the ad and didn’t think anything else but another jobs another pay check another day lived. When he got into his ship, the Agasaya, he went to sleep and had the most peculiar dream. It was a dream with the Mist. He was wandering around in the Mist, unable to go anywhere, unable to see anyone, unable to do anything but wander, until he saw a light and as he followed the light he started seeing flashes, they came so quick and sudden he was startled and unable to do anything but continue on following the light. He then woke up in shock from his dream. He got up and as he was walking around the ship to put together what he just saw he saw a light in the corner of his eye on a table by the entrance. When he looked the light was gone. He walked towards the table and when he looked on the table he saw a recruiting ad. He quickly jumped into the cockpit and started heading to Tarorasuil within the Corusant Sector, where he took a job as a pilot within Centarra Mining.

Life With Centarra Mining

Within Centarra Mining Jormungand Gand rose through the ranks fast, starting as a pilot he soon became Director of Internal Affairs. Then one night while hauling some raw materials in Tarorasuil he put his ship on auto-pilot and went to sleep. As he slept he had another peculiar dream. Once again he was in the Mist and he can clearly see a light but not see its source. He started heading towards the light and as before he started seeing flashes, flashes of ships flying into suns, flashes of people going crazy in their ship, and then as he was approaching on the light he saw a flash of Quard Ithan, the owner of Centarra Mining, starting to lose his mind and flying his ship towards a sun. Jormungand woke up and was shaken and went to his radio and hailed command and found out 3 ships had crashed into the Bortras Sun. Jormungand was startled and scared at the same time. How can this have happened… How did I see this… Command then said Jormungand you are the highest ranking director left, he then saw why. He was given ownership and leadership of Centarra Mining and Jormungand Gand said to himself I will stop this, I will no longer wander around, I will stand fast. He then changed Centarra Mining into Craag`haarn Resources and left the alliance that Quard had made with the Galactic Empire.

The change in name and alliance wasn’t the only change that Jormungand made. He then contacted Thragg Craghorn, the current leader of the Craag`haarn Tribe, and said that he wanted to help rebuild the Craag`haarn Tribe. After saying this he gave Thragg a Bulk Freighter and enough raw building materials to build an entire city. After doing this he said to himself “I won’t forget the past” and headed to Mechis III. He began reconstruction efforts on Mechis III to stabilize its economy. He also made an alliance with Troon Kebris, the leader of Colonial Recycling Corproation, a recycling faction, to start clean up on planets where they have mines.

The Farffin Incident

He then received news from one of his pilots of distress call in the Farffin System. Jormungand was intrigued by this, knowing that that system is controlled by the Galactic Empire he wondered if it was the New Republic or the Galactic Empire trying to lure them in. He then told Craag`haarn Security to send in a ship and find out what was happening. Craag`haarn Security then sent in the CSV Argonaut. Once entering the Farffin System the Argonaut began scanning as it did it picked up several pirate vessels. Coming lightly armed it was quickly over whelmed and jumped out of the system. It limped back to the Mechis system damaged. Craag`haarn Security then told Jormungand that it was likely a trap set by the pirates to capture curious ships. Jormungand looked at the information and disagreed and said its coming from the planets. And started wondering are these pirates supported by the Galactic Empire… or does the Galactic Empire not care. Not hesitating he had the entire Craag`haarn Security called backed to prepare to a mission into the Farffin System. In total 7 capital ships, 10 combat freighters, and squad upon squad of fighter ship were prepared for the operation. Jormungand called it the Farffin Intervention and also brought in civilian contractors, with 5 bulk freighters and 3 gallofrees.

Upon entering the system CSV quickly took out all of the pirates with many of the pirates trying to flee. Jormungand then began relief efforts on Waponu, Ugat, and Valorion. There was no Galactic Empire garrison on any of these worlds. The construction crew quickly got to work and started building new high rises for the people. Within 2 days Jormungand received a communication from Goth of the Galactic Empire telling him to stop all relief efforts on Waponu, Ugat, and Valorion. Jormungand laughed and this and said, “No, we will aid those that need aid.” He then left his ship to see how the construction was going. A week later as he was inspecting everything and talking to the foreman, he found out that they are close to a week to finishing all the high rises and the power generators are close to testing. Jormungand happy about this news went back to his ship where he received information from the CSV fleet the GE ships had entered the system and were heading to their destination. Jormungand hastily told them set up a blockade evacuate as many as you can. CSV, mostly comprised of the Bayonet-class light cruiser, went into a blockade formation and started hailing the GE ships. The GE ships didn’t even take notice of the CSV and rammed right through the CSV ships. Jormungand had all the bulk freighters and gallofrees take off and jump as well as gave order for CSV to follow suit. After entering hyper they realized that 300 of the building contractors were captured. Unable to do anything else they hastily headed for the Mechis System.

Once back in Mechis he started focusing all his resources on a secret project, known as the Annunalei Project. All Mechis III’s factories and shipyards started producing fighters and kaloth battle cruisers. After 3 months Jormungand officially announced the creation of the Annunalei Fleet. This time he would make no mistake, taking over 13 capital ships they took the planet Waponu with ease.

Fall of Craag`haarn Resouces

Shortly after this while wandering the streets of Waponu he saw the effects of what happened when they left, the tearing down of the CR logos, the decimation of the CR equipment left behind and last but not least the piles upon piles of CR uniforms. Stricken from seeing this he called all Craag`haarn Forces to pull away from the system and he handed the control over to Ayervon Recycling Enterprises , Coloonial Recycling Corporation's new name, for them to clear and debris and help rebuild the planet’s economy. After this Jormungand left Craag`haarn Resources and left the control of Craag`haarn Resources to Troon Kebris. Jormungand once again began to wander the galaxy.

While at an outpost in the Algunnis System he heard of Craag`haarn Resources fall, quickly began contacting all planets that were dependant on CR as its main source of revenue. Hearing Carosi needing help he asked for help from Outer Rim Excavations and they gave him a hand. He then started on his way to Carosi.

The Rise Of Independent Enterprises

Shortly after reaching Carosi and started the re-building of its fallen economy. He then helped create a new faction, Independent Enterprises. A trading faction he organized Mechis III to be their headquarters, helping another system that was at one time part of Craag`haarn Resources. Soon Mechis III began to flourish once again with Independent Enterprises. As Independent Enterprises influence over trade in the Farffin Sector and other nearby sectors grew so did Mechis III’s economy, giving new life to the sentients living in the Mechis System.

Jormungand Gand soon started to look back at his past and towards his future. Looking at the times he spent at past worlds, companies, and people and started to think about the future. He got in touch with Vip Fortuna and Char`Kargis Olort, who were part of The Antarian Rangers. He soon started to put in the works of Independent Enterprises and Galactic Tabloid Publications to become nationalized companies for The Antarian Rangers. He hoped that this would bring together a whole new age of security to both Independent Enterprises and Galactic Tabloid Publications. After the nationalization of Independent Enterprises and Galactic Tabloid Publications Jormungand Gand took the position of Antarian Ranger Diplomat and once again set out into the galaxy.

Life As A Ranger

After joining the Antarian Rangers Jormungand Gand was instrumental in them becoming a recognized galactic government and joining the Galactic Alliance. The capital of the Antarian Rangers of Casit within the Ottega region was oversaw by Jormungand Gand. Many citizen within the sector found new jobs and homes as it became a star within the sector. Throughout the construction and planning of the project Jormungand was seen at the build sites talking with the builders, miners, and citizens. Never missing the ground breaking ceremony of cities nor the grand opening of a hotel. He was greatly loved by the citizens as he was seen to have not just increased the standard of living, but never forgot who he was serving. Whenever he couldn't be seen at a construction site or in the council chambers he was in his ship the Annunalei flying between Raioballo and Maldrood sectors, where he was negotiating treaties between the Antarian Rangers and the Anzatan Commonwealth.

As construction was going on on Casit a new menace was coming to the Ottega sector, the Darklights. A dark jedi faction that had anti-Gand leanings. In an operation setup and ran by Jormungand and the Jedi Order the Darklight dark Jedi Wes Ugon and Sharon Ugon were captured and peace was brought to the Ottega sector.

After construction finished on Casit Jormungand took an ambitious project on, and began planning large construction project to give the citizen of the Farlax sector a safe haven from the war torn planets within the N`Zoth and Corrida systems. As with Casit Jormungand was alway seen among the populace and within a Cantina on Caross within negotiations with Smuggler Alliance members for mining rights on the planet. At the end Jormungand was able to sway the command to not only give Antarian Rangers mining rights but governing and oversight of the planet. When celebrating the completion of the deal of control in the Cantina Jormungand realized something... Where is Ranger One and Ranger Two...

After the night Jormungand finds out that both Ranger One Char`Kargis Olort and Ranger Two Black Firewalker have been living the high life within a Palace on Yevnarsid. After hearing this Jormugnand became disgruntled and discontent with the leadership of the Antarian Rangers and began visiting the local taverns on his diplomatic missions within Rachuk and Mechis more and more often. On one diplomatic mission he decided to take a stop at a tavern within the Tapani sector. As he sat waiting for his drink a cloaked Gran came up to him and asked if he enjoyed being used as a pawn. Jormungand taken back by the Gran turned and noticed a symbol on the cloak and noticed is was the Black Sun emblem. Jumping up he quickly looked around and noticed he was in a Black Sun tavern. As Jormungand was thinking of what to do the barkeep came up and passed Jormungand his drink and the Gran motioned his hand for him to sit. Jormungand unsure of what was going to happen sat and began to listen as the Gran talked... But as he talked Jormungand noticed something... Everything he was saying was just too true and began himself talking to the Gran. At the end an agreement became both of them and Jormungand left to return to Carosi.

Shortly after returning to Carosi, Jormungand was approached by Jedi Master Thragg Craghorn and taken to the Golan II Defender of Light within the Dantooine System. Believing it was time to act he began sending all access codes to Black Sun as well as messages to all his men to act and the plans for the coup d'état began. Within hours control of all ships and planets were taken by Jormungand men and Black Sun. Jormungand sent all of this while on board the Golan II Defender of Light where he had direct access to all the terminals needed to get the message out. As he finished he rushed and left the Defender of Light with Jedi Master Thragg on his tail.

After leaving the Antarian Rangers and Black Sun little is known about what Jormungand did. It is known he founded the Biological Research Institute and the Crimson Aces during this time, but nothing else is known up until he joined the Old Republic.

The Old Republic and The Hermit

Jormungand Gand soon created the Crimson Aces founding their headquarters within the Sumitra Sector. They began working along side several influential groups within the sector including the Old Republic and Corporate Alliance as mercenaries for hire. The first major conflict the Crimson Aces hired for was the securing of Mitillian within the Boordii System. The Crimson Aces mercenaries worked along side Siejo Kutol and the Corporate Alliance in securing the planet for the Corporate Alliance. Soon after the victory the Crimson Aces began building training academies recruiting many locals in the area to join the Crimson Aces. Soon the Crimson Aces began to expand and bought the planet Corcalabold within the Kanz sector and Tepasi Prime within the Sumitra Sector. As the Crimson Aces became larger and larger the Old Republic began calling and relying on the Crimson Aces more and more. They took part in several large operations within the Woostri, Athega, and Ptera systems within the Sumitra Sector. Not long after assisting within these operations the Old Republic Supreme Chancellor Seth Sheppard offered the Crimson Aces to take over the Old Republic military, which at the time had no leadership and was defunct.

Over a year after taking the Minister position within the Old Republic he met up with a long time friend Gideon Stargazer of the Black Sword Fleet. Soon the two began talking about a coup d'etat. Soon after a plan was hatched to kill the new Supreme Chancellor Korinas Vildras and take over the Old Republic government. The plan was staged to happen within the Yavin System while Supreme Chancellor Korinas was inspecting the local construction effort. As 4 Black Sword Fleet operatives boarded the vessel and attempt the seize control of it the vessel veered too close to the local sun and all 4 of the Black Sword Fleet operatives were killed including Gideon Stargazer. Supreme Chancellor Korinas came out of the attack unharmed and with only a minor sunburn due to the ray shielding that was placed around him to keep him contained during the take over. In the end the ray shielding that was to keep Supreme Chancellor Korinas trapped saved his life. Soon later Jormungand Gand was stripped of rank and fined over 1 billion dollars for assisting and planning of the coup d'etat.

Known Force Sensitives Captured by Jormungand Gand

Jormungand Gand Vessels

Lust - Jormungand Gand's flagship

Once a vessel of the Rebel Alliance, later becoming the New Republic, it was active within the New Republic up until it's ownership transfered to the Black Sun. It was stations within Tapani up until it was given to Jormungand Gand by Vigo Tar Alaks for his work done with the Antarian Rangers. The Snakes Eyes was used in the capture and delivery of Dark Jedi Zara Sturm, who killed her previous Master Jeff Corbin, ex-Lord Hegemon of Tion Hegemony. Currently under Jormungand Gand Snakes Eyes acts as a heavy carrier carrying Viper and Y-Wing BTL-S3s squadrons as fighter support and landing crafts to deploy the 1,500+ droids stationed aboard and the tanks aboard the Snakes Eyes. The ship was later renamed to "Lust".