Kevin Wolff

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Kevin Wolff
Biographical Information
Race Defel
Homeworld Tatooine
Marital Status Single
Quote Now you see me, Now you're Dead
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Title Commander
Rank R07-Navy
Positions Commander of Tresario Core Fleet
Awards TSKuniversity.pngSmall-3month.PNG6 Months(small).png

Small-1year.pngSmall-2year.pngTSK- Navy.png Small-blindjump.pngSmall-gryphon.png


Kevin Wolff is a member of the Tresario Core Fleet from the Ministry of Military Operations in the Tresario Star Kingdom.


After having been born on Tatoonie at the age of 5 Kevin was taken on an imperial raid of a small illegal business in thee building where he was living and was shipped to a labor camp some where in the mid rim. Kevin lived life there and hatted his life there people told him it was because of the Empire and how they were treating us. This was all happening around around the end of the feared Vader's control as well as the late emperor and things were looking more favorable for the teenager, Kevin's underlying ability to use the force often showed though and was able to work on tasks faster and with more ease. in time Kevin was able to get his way off of the labor planet and to an imperial recruitment center and enrolled himself in a course and was looking an imperial piloting job in the face when he was falsely accused of attacking another cadet and was forced to leave his life and dreams behind to join one of the empires enemy's. He joined the Tresario Star Kingdom and joined the army there. After serving a years term with a TSK allied with the GA things changed and in year 13 TSK joined the IU and Kevin finally could fight along side with the imperial soldiers. Life changed after that one Twi`lek in year 14 no longer being a human well things are different being a Wraith. Kevin is a member of both the Tikiars and the Grypons


TSKuniversity.png University Graduate Awarded upon graduation from the University of Tresario.

Small-3month.PNG 3-Month Service Awarded for three consecutive months of active service to the Tresario Star Kingdom.

6 Months(small).png 6-Month Service Awarded for six consecutive months of active service to the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Small-1year.png 1-Year Service Awarded for one year of active service to the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Small-2year.png 2-Year Service Awarded for two years of active service to the Tresario Star Kingdom.

TSK- Navy.png Military Operations Service Awarded for active service in the Ministry of Military Operations.

Small-blindjump.png Operation Blind Jump Awarded for participation in Operation Blind Jump.

Small-gryphon.png Tresario Gryphons Awarded for being invited and serving within the Tresario Gryphons.

Small-expediency.png Kingdom Star - Expediency Awarded to those who have received the Expediency point of the Kingdom Star.