Laz Uli

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Laz Uli
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat
Mother Vi Esperand
Father Jado Tig
Born Year -98
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6 meters (5'4")
Coloring Pale
Eye Color Grey
Political Information
Affiliation Black Bha'lir
Prior Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth, Outback Industries, CorSec

Early Life

Laz Uli spent her formative years in a creche run by a small group of separatist Anzati. Like other Anzati, their preferred prey are sentients with powerful personal life Essences and a close connection with the universe through what some call the Force. Unlike most Anzati, they raised the young ones in their care to believe that, while Soup was there for the taking, the life of the Vessel was not. Killing was wasteful and sacrilegious. They made it a game of skill to taste of the same prey over and over again and often their prey was not even aware of the feeding.

They maintained strictest control of their feeding habits as a mark of wisdom and thus avoided leaving an incriminating trail of corpses behind them as they traveled and, they believed, the single-mindedness of the Hunt which had doomed so many of their race.

The girl absorbed these beliefs, but maintained an avid curiosity about life outside the creche and sentients outside the ones she encountered day by day.

Near her tenth birthday her behavior changed radically, possibly due in part to the departure of a favored instructor. She became withdrawn and rebellious, refusing to commit herself to some avenues of training and pursuing others with a single-mindedness bordering obsession.

Leaving Home

At around the 100 year mark, as is traditional, Laz left Anzat. Breaking with tradition, she stuck fairly close to home, running logistics for the Anzatan Commonwealth. She managed to take a few odd jobs here and there which took her outside Commonwealth space for short periods of time. Oddly enough, she also formed the first of many inter-species relationships.

During one of these runs, late in Y12, the Anzat was forcibly detained on the planet Kraos. Though showing reticence regarding exactly what happened to her there, the experience seemed to take a toll and left one shoulder scarred as if from a blade. She emerged sober and, evidently, with some idea of taking a larger part in galactic happenings.

She took the job of running Outback Industries, resurrecting the all but defunct enterprise and was occasionally seen in public with the galaxy's rich and famous.

During this period, too, she took on outside jobs, running down anyone from drug lords to missing children. It is surmised that she formed some sort of relationship with the mercenaries these sorts of jobs attract as she was seen in the company of several of them multiple times-- notably Rhan Komo and Cyrus Vel-- both of whom may have been involved in the Kraos incident.

Changing Space

She rapidly came to favor this more active and direct work over running a company and in a few months decided to step aside. At this point, she made an error in judgement that all but ruined the company she had labored so hard to save, selecting as her second and successor a treacherous thief.

After disappearing for weeks, Laz resurfaced only to formally resign her position at Outback Industries. She spent some time seeing corners of the galaxy she had not yet visited, and if rumors are to be believed, bringing some sort of vigilante justice to those corners.

A visit to Vorsia Companion early in Y13 in the company of Komo left her with a young ward, a Twi'lek known only as Adika. From that point Laz was most seen often in the company of Cyrus Vel, a Force sensitive mercenary who is on record as having been on Vorsia Companion at the same time.

Following Hall led Laz to CorSec, where she quietly served the CoreGuard division under Chiss mercenary Xu Xlaar Vivan, despite growing maverick tendencies. Those tendencies may have let to her abduction in the middle of Y13, but she was subsequently retrieved by Hall and resumed her duties, apparently none the worse for the incident.

The end of Y13 saw tragedy strike with first, the disappearance of Rhan Komo for months and worse, the loss of fellow CorSec officer Jonwe Dayspring on an unofficial mission to the planet Alkarin. Sources speculate that she blamed herself for her companion's demise.

Almost immediately she and Hall spearheaded the destruction of Smocca the Hutt's pirate bases near the Duros sector by a small group of mercenaries. It is surmised that this was a rescue effort and with former slave Jareal Dayspring, the young daughter of her dead companion, in tow, Laz resumed her duties at CorSec, serving with distinction and what one observer called "eerie focus."

On Y14 D28 she suddenly left CorSec in the company of Hall and Komo, who had since joined her there, and took a leadership position with Black Bha'lir under Vivan.