List of Imperial Branches

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The Imperial Throne consists of the current Emperor of the Galactic Empire and his Executor. These positions are HC-6 and HC-5 respectively on the Empire's Rank Chart. Members of The Throne are to be kneeled to upon sight or entry of one or all of the throne members.

Current Emperor - Thomas Cherokee

Current Executor - Guinar Ndengin

Imperial Inner Circle

The Imperial Inner Circle consits of the leaders of the respective branches within the Galactic Empire.

Leading the IIC (Imperial Inner Circle) is Emperor Thomas Cherokee

The representitive of the Throne is Guinar Ndgenin

Grand Vizier Jorus Taidan represents the Commission for the Presevation of the New Order

Moff Tanez Kalrade of the Council of Moffs

Minister Eric Zahm of the Ministry of Industry

Director Inwe Ventidius of Imperial Intelligence

Lord General Seel of the Imperial Army

Lord Admiral Senki Blackrain of the Imperial Navy

Darth Volentus of the Order of the Dark Hand

Each of these individuals lead their respective branches.

Imperial High Command

Imperial High Command consists of any individual who reaches the rank of HC-1 on the Rank Chart and as such spread across the 7 Branches of the Galactic Empire there are many such Imperial who have the honour of being in IHC (Imperial High Command. Imperial High Command is the executive body of the Galactic Empire, it advises the Emperor and operaties in the Emperors name in regards to the 7 branches of the Empire.


Emperor Thomas Cherokee

Executor Guinar Ndengin

Regional Governors

Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium

Moff Niven Scherbankov

Moff Slicer

Moff Ben Camden

Moff Darth Mentus

Moff Tanez Kalrade

Moff Krovikan Sengir

Moff Adar Machkhit

Moff Hack Skice

Ministry of Industry

Minister Eric Zahm

Director Azharn Amaratha

Director Norrec Mourussian

Imperial Military

Lord General Seele

Lord Admiral Senki Blackrain

Commission for the Preservation of the New Order

Grand Vizier Jorus Taidan

Vizier Jacen Varos

Vizier Galdarazz Aalon

Vizier Jarek Sankin

Director Mikel Von Bianchi

Imperial Intelligence

Director Inwe Ventidius


Imperial Security Bureau

Coalition for Improvements

Coalition for Progress

Coalition for Diplomacy

Regional Government

Council of Moffs

Ministry of Industry

Imperial Military

Imperial Navy

See Main Article: Imperial Navy

Imperial Army

See Main Article: Imperial Army

Imperial Intelligence