LodeCorp Mining

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LodeCorp Mining
LodeCorp Logo
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Tomas o`Cuinn
Owner Gree Trade Authority
Headquarters Gree system
Major Bases Antmuel system
RZ7-6113-23 system
Historical Information
Founder Tomas o`Cuinn
Founded 16.67 (CGT)
Formed From Gree Mining Authority
Dissolved 17.183 (CGT)
Political Information
Affiliation Gree Trade Authority
Industry Mining Corporation
Holosite LodeCorp Mining

LodeCorp Mining (LCM) was a mining corporation operating in the northern Outer Rim Territories and made up half of the Gree conglomerate of companies. With major bases in the Gree system and Chopani sector, LodeCorp handled all raw material requirements for the conglomerate’s operations. Using sustainable extraction processes and the most advanced mining technology, LCM supplied Gree with much-needed raw materials in a pursuit to increase overall self-sufficiency and efficiency for the organization. Due to the staggering price of building materials on the various galactic markets, LodeCorp also lowered overhead costs and creates additional jobs for the Gree territories. Prior to a corporate rebranding on the 131st day of Year 17 (CGT), LodeCorp Mining was known as the Gree Mining Authority.


While the Gree Trade Authority was the controlling government, LodeCorp Mining operated with absolute freedom through friendly territory to extract and haul the precious raw materials needed for the sustainment and expansion of Gree's operations.

Gree III 3.png Atmospheric view of Gree II

Total territory includes:

Gree IV.png The rings of Gree III