Magnhild Valthjofdottir

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Mags hunting alone on Nimban:


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Mags flying home after leaving Tion the second time:

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Women Of Mayhem:

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Sasha and Mags on their last day of school together:

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Magnhild Valthjofdottir
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
House House Abane
Mother Isabela Valthjofdottir
Father Ernst Valthjofdottir
Partner Sasha de Silva and Nico Donovan Abane
Siblings Sasha de Silva
Quote "I'm not Blonde"
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Redish Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Freelancce
Title None
Rank None
Positions None
Awards A few

In the western most areas of the planet Kiffex, three clans had made their homes among lush pastoral meadows and rich arable farmland. Magnhild Valthjofdottir grew up in this lovely and idyllic area. As a child, she would often spend all day, happily playing among the fields and chasing and stalking the indiginous wildlife there. Unlike on other parts of Kiffex, the three clans lived in harmony and any potential squabbles were quickly abated, by the ruling clan council of three elders and three heads of the clans. 3:38 Mags's father was one of these elders and although tough, he was also wise and he doted on his daughter. As Mags grew, she became known for being the only youth capable of using the 'Bashir', which was a unique Bowcaster weapon that had been in the village for decades. No one knew where it came from, but Mags not only became adept with the Bowcaster but was the youngest to serve in regular patrols to keep the panthers away from the village livestock. Like all Kiffar, she had wonderful eyesight, but her vision was particularly good, able to spot a potential threat from a great distance away. 3:39 One day, just after her 14th birthday, everything changed. Mags was watching over a stockade when she spotted a lone Nexu venturing into a neighbouring clans barn. Feeling it would be a huge favor to the other clan to drive the predator away, she carefully sneaked into the barn and quickly startled the creature. Firing twice, the Nexu was repelled but as it charged at her looking to escape, she fired again while off balance and started a fire among the hay. Quickly the whole barn was ablaze and while raising the alarm, screams were heard from within the burning farm building. Unbeknown to Mags, the youngest son of the Drax clan had been playing inside the barn and despite all the best efforts of everyone, he perished in the flames.

Drago Drax, the clan leader was beyond distraught and laid the blame squarely at Mags. He demanded justice for the death of his son and a clan war was rapidly brewing. Refusing to condemn his daughter to death, Ernst Valthjofdottir and the other elders banished her and forbid her to ever return. Peace was maintained, but Mags had lost her home and family. Thankfully she was allowed to keep 'Bashir' because life in the widerness without a weapon was considered suicide, so off she trudged, angry and broken hearted to the northern swamps of Kiffex. 3:40 For a couple of years, Mags survived by living on her wits and accomplished hunting skills. She gained an appetite for the Nuna and was able to craft clothes and footwear from the skins of the Faamba. But solitude began to change Mags. She grew wild and although rarely seeing other Kiffar, she would hide from any that came into her vicinity. As time went by, she moved eastwards towards the center of the planet and in Y18, she stumbled upon a huge gathering of sentients from across the entre galaxy. Observing from afar, she became intrigued by all the many space ships and technology on show. Although frightened by all the strange looking aliens, she could not resist wandering into the city for a close look, hoping the cover of darkness would keep her hidden. 3:41 Music and dancing and all the alcohol going round seemed to distract all the merchants but a group of small brown cloaked figures spotted her and headed toward Mags. Wanting to hide, she chose a yellow jailspeeder vehicle to enter and thankfully the curious Jawa misplaced her. But she couldnt get free from the speeder, no matter how she tried, the whole vehicle seemed locked down. Pressing numerous switches and buttons had no effect and Mags resorted to bashing at the entrance door with her Bowcaster with little effect.

While asleep, a huge Hammerhead cruiser belonging to the Tion Hegemony landed and scooped up many of the Jailspeeders to take back to Allied Tion. Mags awoke in hyperspace and although now able to exit the vehicle was onboard a 300 meter long vessel headed to the other side of the galaxy. Her new life was just about to begin. She joined Tion Hegemony She started training as a hunter and Bodyguard to Lady Hegemony . One night Mags packed up her stuff squaded her ships and left Tion since Stephy seemed to be gone. ​ ​Mags Joined many different factions since she left Tion. None of them worked out.Either what she was told never happened or the leader went inactive.So she is alone exploring on her own.

Does not even have any tie to her own race anymore since it seems they let any race in theres now.

Mags went to Nimban at (340, 60) To start a new life. When she got there she discovered That a Nasty Jawa lived there and that someone she knew was feeding him info about her.So she packed up and left the system right away.She is Looking for a new place now.

Mags ships

Baby Blue
Crystal Blue Persuasion
Irish Luck
Crimson and Clover