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A female Anzat and leader of the Eidola Pirates, Syn (pronounced sin) began her career in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire, where she rose to the rank of Captain and was ultimately placed on Naval High Command prior to her resignation following the removal of Emperor Charon. After covertly working with two pirate groups and an assortment of Charon loyalists, she took advantage of the considerable wealth and reputation she had sustained as a widely-regarded middleman and founded two production companies within the Rachuk sector that she controlled: Starsign Shipyards and Starsign Mining. After several years of providing a variety of YT freighters to the public at low costs, she sold both companies, as well as all of her real estate within Rachuk, and returned to the Eidola Pirates, with whom she remains allied today. Until being diagnosed with the Metamorphosis Plague in Year 14, she made formal appearances at significant events as leader of the royal Falleen clan Huruk-Rah. (Full article...)

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This Month in History
  • Day 283, Year 2: Avalon Larkin is reported by galactic tabloids to have been killed, but these rumors are shown to be false
  • Day 283, Year 14: A new military force emerged today. Black Watch is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Nyarlathotep Alaks.
  • Day 288, Year 16: Mercenary Guild was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
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