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Welcome to the Holocron
The archive of the galaxy that anyone can edit.
There are 4,517 entries stored in this Holocron.
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This Month's Featured Article

The White Keep is the ancestral stronghold and seat of the House of Tharandon. It is located on the planet Selab in the Hapes Cluster, carved out of a great rocky promontory overlooking the Glacial Sea and the major city and spaceport of Aviemore.


Did You Know...
  • ... former Chief of State Cheda Quche was executed on the Holonet by Emperor Guinar Ndengin after Imperial Courts find him guilty of terrorism and other crimes.
  • ... Syn of the Eidola Pirates captured Seele, the Imperial Executor, on Ylesia.
  • ... Ling Reen was crowned the King of The Kingdom of Elysia.
This Month in History
  • Day 283, Year 2: Avalon Larkin is reported by galactic tabloids to have been killed, but these rumors are shown to be false
  • Day 283, Year 14: A new military force emerged today. Black Watch is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Nyarlathotep Alaks.
  • Day 288, Year 16: Mercenary Guild was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
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