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Jaydon TaVolarian began her legal career working as "The Face" of Nebular Enterprises. A job which led to her joining the ranks of the Black Sun as an intelligence officer. After joining the Family she survived a change of leadership, an escape from the Family, two marriages, as well as a slew of jobs including being a Soldier, a Marshal, an Instructor, a glorified Police Officer, and a Security Director. Jaydon eventually cracked beneath her mountain of failures and changing allegiances, developing a split personality who went by the name Franke Eurydice. Frankie was eventually erased from Jaydon's psyche by a combination of Force Induced healing, Psychological Counseling and Psychiatric Drugs. Jaydon eventually settled down within the ranks of the Avance Coalition. She started off with The Wraiths and worked her way over to the Diplomatic Affairs and Public Relations arm of Avance Coalition... more
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