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Mandalore is
Mandalore is led by a Council of leaders called the Triad.

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Political information
Type of government {{{type}}}
Head of State Tyr Demeer
Affiliation Imperial Union
Societal information
Capital Abrion Major/Mandalore
Language(s) Mando'a
Currency Credits
Historical Information
Formed from formerly paramilitary company
Date of establishment {{{founded}}}
Status Active
Holosite [1]


Mandalore is led by a Council of leaders called the Triad.


Ancient History

(Ancient History goes here)


Mandalore was reborn in the Tau Sakar system in the latter part of year 5 (then known as the Abrion system). Unknown to the public, the lost Mandalore system had been relocated and colonised in secret. As the company was founded, its headquarters were erected on both Abrion Major and Mandalore, keeping the secret of Mandalore safe.

The initial years were tough for the reborn group with veteran warriors Tyr DeMeer, Plo Qaan, Andrew Panzer and Vong Gin`aal leading the way. Others such as Vandar Nijed, Leos Adrynn, Chin Chon, Diomedes Nacca and Hermes Gemini began their personal rise to prominence as well. 2 years after the initial founding the first major colonisation in Abrion space took place to fund the restoration activity. Other hidden systems were located and secretly colonised by relocated refugees from the galactic wars.


It was at this time that a new generation of veterans began to appear who would lead the Mandalore group through the beginning years and into ascendancy. Mandalorians such as Morcha Drayson, Tuki Anvareth, Cesodevo Avina, Verdre To, Grevendar Togl, Ven Ann, Lucas Draven and many more joined the effort to re-establish Mandalore. In Year 7 Abrion Minor was fully colonised as the Mandalorian refugees hear the call to return.

It was at this time that the clans of Mandalore were re-convened by direct order of the Warrior Eminence, Mand'alor Tyr DeMeer. 12 clans, the only ones remaining, were brought together in unity to work towards the betterment of Mandalore (for more information about the Clans and their development please see below).

The first major offensive

Over the years, Mandalore built up its forces and exchanged its technologies, preparing for full rearmament. This culminated in the great revenge plot that brought the NAO (now the Anzatan Commonwealth) to its' knees in vengeance against the tyrannical dictator Wilhelm Von Ismay. After prolonged scout missions a small cluster of planets as found close to the capital of Anzat. Here Mandalorian forces shepherded refugees and settled them in new colonies until their numbers outweighed those of the Anzatan worlds. Positioning their forces to strike, Mandalore revealed their new strike location and were instantly elected Sector Government. With official authority the Mand'alor ordered his forces to strike. As supercommando detachments descended upon the asteroids of the Anzat system, hundreds of drop ships invaded the capital of Anzat, arresting any senior Anzatan leaders for trial and conviction at a later date.

Several months of deadlock passed with the NAO on the brink of collapse, only to have the NAO assassinate their own leader. With the despot Von Ismay removed, Chancellor Vong Gin'aal signed a peace treaty within one standard month restoring peace to the once enemy held territory.

The Expansion campaigns

(to be written)

Mandalorian Civil War

(see:Mandalorian Civil War)


Mandalore is a member of the Imperial Union.


The clan system was lost for decades until Year 8 when 2 ambitious and committed Mandalorians launched a project to officially re-establish the clans under Manda'lor Tyr DeMeer. Verdre To and Morcha Drayson were these Mandalorians, who, working together for months with the Triad finally succeeded. Today, 12 Clans stand to support the Manda'lor while others claiming Mandalorian heritage have returned to support Kai Oryk.

  • Ar'Klim
  • A'skimus
  • D'ael'mor
  • Du'Trachek
  • Jaik'ran
  • Krei'ger
  • K'yltek
  • Par'Tay'On
  • S'badai
  • Tm'Halk
  • Tr'zch
  • Vr'caah

A Clan Council, composed of Aliit'Buir (Clan Fathers) and run by a (Clan Council Chairman) is in existence, holding responsbility for the growth of the clans.