Mecrosa Order

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Mecrosa Order
General Information
Status Active
Leader Dac Kain
Owner Dac Kain
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 92
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrotica Conglomerate
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite The Mecrosa Order

Mecrosa Order is the Paramilitary arm of the Mecrotica Conglomerate and led by Executive Director Dac Kain, CEO of Mecrotica.


The newest addition to the Mecrotica Conglomerate, The Order of Mecrosa arose to provide both internal and external security services. The Order operates in several business sectors from security, transport, and militia services. In addition, the Order provides a variety of full-service defense stations and facilities. The Order’s operatives are highly trained to handle any situation which the contract requires. From consulting on the construction of planetary defense grids to policing territory during government upheaval, the Order of Mecrosa is the superior choice for a quick, efficient response to your security needs.

We are dedicated to guarding our client’s assets and privacy. No matter your current needs, the Order of Mecrosa can provide. We will strive to fulfill every contract to our customer’s utmost satisfaction – just like all of the other services provided by Mecrotica. In addition to external security services, the Order of Mecrosa also ensures that all Mecrotica Conglomerate territory remains secure and ensures the protection of our clients’ purchases while they are within Conglomerate territory. With one of the largest non-governmental militaries in the galaxy, the Order of Mecrosa stands ready to protect and serve in any capacity.


  • OoM banner.png (Year 18)

Mecrotica Conglomerate
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