Mecrotica Conglomerate

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Mecrotica Conglomerate
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As an entity with a long and rich history, the Mecrotica Conglomerate represents a union of businesses and organizations led by Dac Kain. While the sands of time have buried the exact date, Mecrotica has existed since approximately Year 10. Over the course of its existence, it has included several different businesses. Currently the versatile Mecrosa Company and the bacta-centered Xucphra Corporation are the only two members. Past members include: Viraxo, Kobola, and TransGalMeg.



Originally, the companies that began the Mecrotica Conglomeration were two separate entities under the banner of an organization known as "The Damned". The consortium of companies under the ruthless group did end, however, as the group dissolved four years after its creation. This dissolution resulted in the independence of three separate entities that it housed: Mecrosa, Kobola, and Centurion Arms. Additionally, The Damned also was a private security agency. It, however, died with the dissolution of the organization of of its namesake. Mecrosa was left in the hands of Dac Kain, Kobola was to be lead by Banquo Knox, and Centurion Arms was given to Navik Ikron. Not all of the companies did not go their separate ways. Mecrosa and Kobola retained a strong relationship after their departure from The Damned. This relationship was further solidified once Knox bestowed leadership of Kobola to Kain. With both companies under his command, Kain had unofficially began the Mecrotica Conglomerate.