Minerax Consulting

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Headquartered in the Lorrd system, adjacent to the renowned Lorrd Univerity, Minerax Consulting is one of the premier mining and mining consultation groups in the Mid and Outer Rim region. Minerax's primary clients are Dukha Industrial and the corporations and governments of the Interstellar League, however, we are more than willing to embrace enquiries from all sentients, from every corner of the galactic map. At Minerax Consulting we strive to offer a full spectrum of services that go beyond mere mining facility management. We are also involved with infrastructure construction projects as well as offering raw material supplies and logistics for the industrial entities of the galaxy. Our doors are always open to accept the brightest and best talents from across the stars, we not only accept those with experience but also have a comprehensive training package for ambitious beings with an enterprising and forward thinking attitude Minerax Consulting - Always eager to dig deeper.