Mizuno Ryu

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Mizuno Ryu
Mizuno Ryu Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Kaoru Ryu
Father Unknown
Spouse Ceud (partner)
Children Kaoru (daughter)
Born 35 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.5 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color Black hair
Eye Color Brown eyes
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Title Countess of Ankh
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation
Trilon Inc.
Rebel Alliance

Mizuno Ryu is a female Human who briefly acted as the regent of the Falleen Federation during the interregnum between King Eldrik Kuraine's assassination at the Battle of Beta circa Year 4 Day 363 and the ascension of King Bisz Aldaris to the Falleen throne. Prior to serving as regent, Ryu was the Lord Ambassador of the Falleen kingdom and had previously served as the former Head of Security for Trilon Inc.

Ryu is quite small with slanted eyes and a small nose. Her skin is pale and has some tiny scars from an unknown explosion a long time ago. There is the suppleness of a trained fighter in her movements yet she seems very gentle and has a peaceful nature. Tattooed on her slender back is a large red dragon that starts on her lower torso and snakes up to her right shoulder.


Mizuno Ryu was the beloved daughter of two intergalactic anthropologists. Being the pampered child of scientists, she spent her childhood on numerous planets in the galaxy and was exposed to many disparate alien cultures. Tragically, she was separated from her family at the tender age of thirteen due to chaotic events caused by a planetary civil war. Alone and frightened, she had to fight for her life and to subsist on her own.

As she grew older, she joined a ragtag militia and after a few years, when the planetary war subsided, she learned that her parents had left the war-torn world to join the Rebellion and to fight against the Galactic Empire. Greatly saddened by this news, Ryu dwelled on the planet for a few more years and worked to earn enough credits to finance her journey to Corellia. On Corellia, she joined Trilon Inc. where she met Ceud, her future husband.

After being freelance for a year, Mizuno and her spouse Ceud joined King Eldrik Kuraine's Falleen Federation. After rising through the ranks of the Ministry of Diplomacy, Mizuno attained the lofty position of Lord Ambassador and was elevated to the Federation's Advisory Council.[1] She became one of Kuraine's most trusted confidants. For her personal services to the Falleen monarch, she was rewarded with a peerage and the right to use the title of "Countess of Ankh." At the same time, her husband Ceud likewise found success in the Falleen bureaucracy and was appointed Lord Chancellor in the Ministry of Justice. During this blissful period of peace and tranquility, Ceud and Mizuno had a daughter, Kaoru, whom they named after Mizuno's mother.

However, unexpected events soon changed the lives of Mizuno and Ceud forever. Following the theft of the ISD Shadowstone, the Galactic Empire invaded Falleen territory at the climatic Battle of Beta. Betrayed by Prince Tholin Dur'aak, Kuraine was slained by Sith assassins aboard the command deck of the ISD Shadowstone. The Falleen Federation and its citizenry reeled in shock. Amid this confusion, Dur'aak's attempt to seize power and to proclaim himself as the new Fallen potentate was abruptly thwarted by an unexpected revelation: Several months prior to the battle, Kuraine had quietly instituted a caretaker arrangement where the Lord Ambassador Mizuno Ryu would become the interim leader if he died.[1] As such, Ryu — a minor functionary, but a staunch Kuraine loyalist — became the temporary ruler of the Falleen kingdom.[2]

Given rumors concerning Tholin's complicity in Kuraine's death, Ryu instead selected Fleet Admiral Bisz Aldaris to succeed Kuraine as monarch of the Falleen kingdom. This internal power-struggle regarding Kuraine's true successor created a crippling division in the Falleen ranks.


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