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| image = [[File:Societylogo1x100.png]]
| image = [[File:Societylogo1x100.png]]
| Status = Active
| Status = Active
| Leader = Zeta Blix
| Leader = [[Zeta Blix]]
| Members = Bink Kaarde
| Members = [[Bink Kaarde]]
Caral Monn
[[Caral Monn]]
Han Ethan
[[Han Ethan]]
Teth`ren Soulbourne
[[Teth`ren Soulbourne]]
Trorbneck Sciaa Yalac
[[Edvin Simson]]
[[Trorbneck Sciaa Yalac]]
| Founded = Year 10
| Founded = Year 10
| Affiliation = [[Council of Native Races]], [[Mon Calamari Shipyards]]
| Affiliation = [[Mon Calamari Shipyards]], [[Council of Native Races]]
| Type = Racial Society
| Type = Racial Society
| Holosite = http://mcsociety.site50.net
| Holosite = http://mcsociety.site50.net

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Trorbneck Sciaa Yalac founded the Mon Calamari Society, a racially based association to unite Mon Calamari and Quarren around the galaxy.

Mon Calamari Society
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Historical Information
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Political Information
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After the society was founded in year 10 it steadily grew in numbers and power until the Mon Calamari Council had a vision of resurrecting the pride of Dac once again. Dislocated from their home planet for the most part, they began working with other groups to grow the power base of the Mon Calamari Society in hopes of returning to their ship building origins elsewhere. MCS eventually gathered enough capital to found Mon Calamari Shipyards


Legislative session (Y10 - Y11D70)

  • President: Trorbneck Sciaa Yalac
  • Vice President:?
  • Councilman: Sephiroth Rhapsodos
  • Councilman: ?
  • Councilman: ?

Legislative session (Y11D70 - Y11D287)

  • President: Bink Kaarde
  • Vice President: Zeta Blix
  • Councilman: Takhisis
  • Councilman: Trorbneck Sciia Yalac
  • Councilman: Teth`ren Soulbourne
  • MCS Defense Adviser/Overseer: Mozinwrath Blackfrost

Legislative session (Y11D287 - Y12D280)

  • President: Knightcrawler
  • Vice President: Takhisis
  • Councilman: Caral Monn
  • Councilman: Bink Kaarde

Legislative session (Y12D280 - )

  • President: Zeta Blix
  • Vice President: Han Ethan

The first two logos of the Mon Calamari Society were designed by Mozinwrath Blackfrost. The second came into action on Y12D133.

First Logo First Logo