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Introduction to Lt. Eole

This is the collection of events that lead to the incarceceration of one Lt. Eole's brain within a mouse droid, thanks to the Commodore Gorn Veynom's strict punishment. Following is the transcript of a public announcement made by Veynom to the members of 3rd Recon. According to the transcript, Eole was a keen supporter of the Imperial Navy, by creating their site and other supportive actions, but at some stage left active duty and received AWOL status, provoking Veynom into performing his punishment.


Officers, Pilots, I have to tell you the story of Lt Eole.

Lt Eole was one of the first member of the 3rd Recon. He began as simple pilot in Thor in March 98. He quickly became promoted because of his activity. He was successfully Ens, then Lt and CO of Thor. He created our site, received the Imperial Distinguished Award, was then promoted as Lt-Cmdr .... This was in May 98 ...

Everyone is looking around, trying to see who is Lt Eole or where he is. *****But from there, things changed. Lt-Cmdr Eole mysteriously disappears. During 2 full months, none had the slightest piece of news. As only him had the access for our main site, we could not update it. happily, Lt-Cmdr Fizzban built us the Holonet. At the end of July 98, I got some news of him ... he had deserted his duty and was now asking his orders, as he was always among us. As there were very dark times, I allow him to re-integrate his post of site maintainer, but only as Lt.. But that was words ... he never worked as needed ...he completely left his duty ... That is why, I have decided to make an example of him. I have demoted him last week to simple pilot because he was not worthy of wearing the Imperial Navy uniform. As it was not sufficient, I have ordered to extract his brain from his head ... and to put it in a Mouse Droid.

The Commodore shows a Mouse Droid. *****

You can contact him at Mouse Droid Eole ( but do not be astonished if he only replies in binary language. From now, if you see a Mouse Droid, you will know what it can mean ...This is the destiny of those who are not worthy to serve in the Imperial Navy.

The Commodore saluted the Fleet and went out. ***** -- Commodore Veynom CO of the 3rd Naval Recon & Strike Fleet European Division ISD Blitzkrieg UIN: 16053786

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