Naboo (Planet)

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System Naboo (System)
Sector Chommel
Galactic Coordinates 140, -268
System Coordinates 4, 7
Astrographic Entry Naboo
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Grassland, Forest, Swamp, Rivers
Rotational Period 26 standard hours
Orbital Period 312 local days
Population 601,013,837
Controlled By Akheton Vehicle Corporation
Sentient Races Naboo Homeworld
Gungans Homeworld

Naboo is a small, incredibly beautiful planet covered by swampy lakes, huge plains and green, rolling hills that are home to both its main civilizations. The planet is geologically unique – whereas other worlds have a magma core and a rocky surface, Naboo is a planetary body so old that it does not have a molten nucleus. Many things about its structure remain a mystery to scientists. Measuring thousands of miles across, the great rock plains of Naboo are characterized by huge, beehive-like structures that conceal countless caves and tunnels. These create swampy lakes between landmasses and the open seas. The Gungans developed transports to travel through these deep underwater spaces, but even those bold explorers were reluctant to venture too deep into the planet's core – a region infested with huge aquatic monsters. Naboo's population centres were built in such a way that their classic architecture could blend with the natural beauty of the surroundings. The capital city, Theed, is the political centre, and at its core you can find the majestic Royal Palace. However, the most populated city is Keren, location of the Kwilaan spaceport – one of the largest in the Chommel sector. While the Naboo live in elegant cities on the planet's surface, the Gungans occupy huge underwater settlements formed with bubble-like membranes.

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