Navarro de Molay

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"High Colonel De Molay is a combat-decorated officer who has proven adaptable and quick thinking in the field and is known for instilling high morale with his troops."
— Lord General Graeda L'Annan, Year 15.

Navarro de Molay
Navarro portrait1.png
Biographical Information
Race Human (Coruscanti)
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Marie Claire de Molay
Father Jacques de Molay †
Spouse N/A
Born Year -11, Day 237
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.78 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Title Imperial Army Officer
Rank Colonel
Awards Navarro de molay awards.png

Navarro de Molay, also known as Demo, is a Colonel of the feared Imperial Army. He is perhaps better known for his background where he served at the Army Command as the Army Signals Officer as well as the Third Imperial Legion Commanding Officer.


Standing at 178 cm and weighing 78 kg, Navarro de Molay is of generally average height and weight for his world of birth and species. He is very fit from his military training, and makes an effort to stay healthy. He has brown hair, which he keeps cut to a moderate length. His eyes are a dark brown, similar to both his mother and father. Navarro has no distinguishing marks or scars, however he is known to wear his Neo-Crusaders cross at all times; a memento he was given by his father shortly before leaving on his final raid.

Since the day his father perished, Navarro has taken to wearing a white mask with black facial features, and facial hair. The mask was his father's, and is an abstract representation of Jacques' face. It was customary for Neo-Crusaders to wear such masks when performing actions upon their targets to partially conceal their identity, and to strike terror into the hearts of their enemies.


Born on Coruscant to parents Jacques de Molay and Marie Claire de Molay, Navarro de Molay was a middle class citizen. He attended school at the local elementary, and was raised by both his parents until the age of 16, when his father was killed by a Rebel insurgency team. Navarro had few other relatives, and was very close to his father. He had learned many things from Jacques, especially about his father's way of life as Mandalorian Neo-Crusader.

Jacques de Molay was a member of a recently resurging group of Neo-Crusaders who fought for an ancient order of Mandalorians. This group of religious warriors fought to overthrow the Republic, in favor of a more direct government. After the birth of the Empire, Jacques was the leader of one of the group's warrior battalions, and routinely took soldiers on raids against diplomatic embassies who publicly supported the Rebel movement who, in turn, supported a return of the Republic. During one of these raids, Jacques' team was ambushed by Rebel forces, and the entire group slain. This event, recorded in full holo, by Rebel barbarians was then distributed to the rest of the Neo-Crusader movement, and deeply scarred Navarro. He vowed revenge, and began training to take his father's place.

Before he could do so, however, the group's base was discovered and destroyed by Rebel terrorists, forcing the survivors to give up their quest, and disband. Navarro, fueled with rage directed at the Rebel scum, decided to join the Empire. He decided his talents would be best put to use in the Imperial Army; his father had taught him many skills befitting an infantrymen and soldier. Navarro used these skills during training and quickly showed great potential as an Imperial soldier.

Imperial Career

Operation Sovereign Canopy, Derra IV

After graduating from the Imperial Academy as a Private on Y12, Navarro was assigned to the 6th Brigade, one of the two Brigades attached to the 3rd Imperial Legion, and his devotion to his unit was soon recognized and rewarded when he was appointed the Executive Officer of his Brigade. Not long after, the 3rd Legion was deployed to Derra IV for Operation Sovereign Canopy. Engagements against the forces of the Galactic Alliance were fierce and highly contested, the enemy having had substantial preparatory time to develop a deliberate defensive position within the primary urban locations on the planet. The 9th Alpha Infantry Company, under 1st Lieutenant de Molay's command, suffered notably fewer losses than expected for an infantry company in a fierce warzone, and even those setbacks were tempered by the achievements they made against enemy forces, including engaging and neutralizing several known senior Alliance combatants. Navarro proved his dedication and valor in the face of great adversity and was appropriately honored for it. He received a field promotion to Captain, and the 3rd Legion was awarded the Imperial Unit Distinguished Service Medal for consistently distinguishing themselves in their actions on Derra IV, accomplishing great strides in combat against an entrenched enemy with superior numbers and the Imperial Battle Efficiency Medal for demonstrating highly effective and efficient skills in the advance to contact, engagement, and withdrawals involving enemy combatants during several combat engagements on Derra IV. He was later awarded the Imperial Campaign Medal with a Bronze Star Device for his efforts during Operation Sovereign Canopy. After Major Tyrren Montari] transferred over to Imperial Intelligence, Captain de Molay succeeded him as the commander of the 6th Brigade.

Operation Silent Night, Whelori Discovery

A few days into Year 15, at the order of their sector moff, the 6th Brigade was sent to investigate the rumor of an undiscovered system in Harglic Space. Though this type of mission would typically be assigned to a Navy group in the sector, the Brigade was in a position to respond much more quickly and arrived in location over a week earlier than their Navy counterpart. The weak scanners of the brigade's shuttles, in comparison to the Navy's TIEs, slowed the pace of their reconnaissance of the system. Navarro was able to coordinate with Brigadier General Edward Canfield, the Legion Commanding Officer, to supply the Brigade with additional shuttles from Corellia, which sped their pace. The brigade successfully discovered Whelori, a previously unknown system in the middle of Herglic Space, and assisted Regional Government in securing the territory. Upon the conclusion of the mission, which lasted a total of two weeks, the 6th Brigade received compliments from the Inner Circle and even the Throne. As a successful result of Operation Silent Night the 6th Brigade was awarded its second Imperial Unit Distinguished Service Medal.

Imperial Centre of Recruitment

As a result of being officially welcomed into the ranks of COMPNOR, Navarro received his COMPNOR Member Medal award on Year 15 Day 233 upon his appointment as the new Director of the Imperial Centre of Recruitment by the Grand Vizier Inwe Ventidius. Navarro never expected to return to the Imperial Academy some day. Navarro was later stepped down from the position of Director of ICR being replaced by a fellow Imperial, Leole Mahou on Y16.

Army Command

On Year 15 Day 260, Navarro was appointed the Army Signals Officer, succeeding High Colonel Amne Zailyn after her forced retirement of the Imperial ranks. He was appointed by Lord General Graeda L`Annen. With his appointment, Navarro received his first Office at the Imperial Army Headquarters at Carida, home of the Imperial Army. He was often seen on his office working on new projects and developments to Improve his Majesty's Imperial Army.

The Army Ball

A few months after his appointment as the Army Signals Officer, with the end of year approaching, Navarro and Bailley Zion decided to organize the Annual Army Ball, a tradition not forgotten but quieted until recently. Imperials from all corners of the Galaxy have taken a rare opportunity to commune in a such structured event, where the floor asw silent and the procedures succinct. The Ball has served as a needed outlet for a diverse group of Imperials to come together and mingle with many whom they would not otherwise, and it is was socializing gathering. The Y15 Army Ball had a notable event, where the so Executor of the Empire Lord Seele speeched regarding his incoming retirement. The event as a whole was a total success and had a major media broadcast, mainly because of the honorable presence of the Emperor of the Galaxy Guinar Ndengin. The security structure was massive, from Stormtroopers to Royal Guards making sure only those invited were allowed in. The event was held at the Imperial Army Headquarters at Carida, birth and home of the Imperial Army.

3rd Legion Commanding Officer

Upon the retirement of Brigadier General Edward Canfield and following his recommendation, Army Command decided to offer Navarro the position of 3rd Legion Commanding Officer, and feeling honored, he accepted. After his appointment, the newly-appointed commander was quoted as expressing this rousing statement:

It is with solemn duty that I accept and vow to do the best of my abilities, to ensure the 3rd Legion and both of its embracing Sectors are kept at the best of the Imperial Army standards.

Since he took Command of the 3rd Legion early into Year 16, Navarro has worked towards the improvement of the internal organization and overall effectiveness of the decorated Legion and its two Brigades.

Retirement and Reinstatement

Somwhere in the middle of Y16, Navarro was last seen at the Army Headquarters at Carida leaving the Office of Army Commanding Officer Lord General Graeda L`Annan after supposely turning in his Letter of Resignation. As he left the General's Office, there were rumours of him wearing his father's mask and walking away from the Headquarters, since then he was never seen again until recently. No reasons were given and no further comments happened. There were no room for farewells.

As the first dawn of Year 17 happened, Navarro was seen entering the The College of Land Warfare located on Carida. That was his official reinstatement into the ranks of the Imperial Army but this time as an experienced Legionnaire.

Memorable Quotes

"Greatness doesn't mean receiving honors, it means deserving them."
— Private de Molay on the topic of greatness.

"No de Molay fails as a citizen, as a leader or as a man."
— Navarro upon being promoted to Corporal.

"The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous."
— Navarro upon being promoted to Sergeant.

"Ordinis atque Procursu."
— Navarro upon being promoted to Lieutenant.

"Leaders don't have the luxury of a glorious death. Glory, for a leader, is bringing his men home in one piece."
— Discussion between 2nd Lieutenant de Molay and his Commanding Officer.

"Hello; Captain, Captain, Captain, Captain."
Amne Zailyn, Navarro de Molay, Lane Rendell, Tyrren Montari, and Draco Creed on Derra IV.

"Navy and Army on the job... Sounds like the recipe for success, just like when we found Whelori!"
— Navarro de Molay and Tonan Brang on the topic of joint operations.

"There are only two powers in the world, saber and mind; at the end, saber is always defeated by mind."
— High Colonel de Molay, Military Intelligence Officer.

"If we walk only in ways already outlined, we will come only where others have arrived."
— High Colonel de Molay, a Pathfinder.