New Republic

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New Republic
Political information
Type of government {{{type}}}
Head of State Chief of State Taka Aioko
Head-of-Government Chief of State Taka Aioko
Commander-in-Chief Chief of State Taka Aioko
Executive branch Advisory Council
Legislative branch Senate
Judicial branch Department of Justice
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Capital Republica, Republica, Grumani
Territory Inner Rim

Mid Rim

Outer Rim Territories

Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Corporation
Date of establishment {{{founded}}}
Status active

The New Republic (NR) is a galactic government and one of the foremost democracies seeking galactic primacy in the Galaxy. Originally entitled the Rebel Alliance, the government controversially merged in Year 8 with the SoroSuub Corporation and reformed itself as the New Republic. Its current leader is the sixth Chief of State Taka Aioko.


Main article: History of the New Republic

Chiefs of State

Main article: New Republic Chief of State

New Republic Chief of State Seal.png

Chief of State is the title given to the Head of State the New Republic. As head of the Executive Branch of the New Republic and Commander in Chief, the Chief of State is ultimately responsible for leading the government in both name and fact. In addition he serves as the link between the Advisory Council and the Senate of the New Republic, bringing proposals and advice from the Advisory Council to the legislature and breaking tied votes within the Senate. Furthermore, the Chief of State is responsible for management of the Senate elections and has the power to grant pardons to citizens of the New Republic.

The current and thirteenth Chief of State is Orion Chran.


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Advisory Council

Main article: New Republic Advisory Council

The New Republic Advisory Council consists of at least 5 members, who are appointed by the Chief of State. They are advising and providing expertise to the Senate and the CoS in operational matters and policy. They operate the day-to-day business of the civil and military departments and manage their budgets. They coordinate the strategic planning and structure of their ministries and branches. Also they support the Chief of State to ensure fair elections are run.

Chief of Military Operations 
Josh Jericho
Chief of Army Command 
Leebri Chelski
Chief of Navy Command 
Ubis Vrand
Chief of Starfighter Command Command 
Mami Ogawa
Minister of State 
Galen Darksol
Director of the New Republic Intelligence Service 
Eleonore Silvermoon
High Ambassador 
Orion Chran
Minister of Civil Engineering  
Coren Rinou
Minister of Trade & Industry 
Tengri Lethas
Minister of Natural Resources  
Owyn Darklighter


Main article: New Republic Military

The New Republic military is responsible for the formidable armed forces of the Republic. It's one of the largest branches and is at the forefront in the fight against the Imperial Regime. It consists of three sub-branches: Naval Command, Army Command, and Starfighter Command.

Chief of Military Operations
Josh Jericho
Chief of Army Command
High General Leebri Chelski
Chief of Naval Command
High Admiral Ubis Vrand
Chief of Starfighter Command
High Marshal Mami Ogawa

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