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{{Infobox Faction
| name = New Sith Order
| name = New Sith Order

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New Sith Order
General Information
Status Reformed into 12 Colonies
Leader Isoldor Storm
Owner Isoldor Storm
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 232 (from DynaCorp)
Political Information


The New Sith Order was formed by Sith Master Isoldor Storm. For a long time Sith Master Storm was allied and worked for the Empire. Dyna-Corp was also originally pro-Imperial. Dyna-Corp and Storm set up many missions with Emperor Vodo and the Empire. However, every time an operation was set up with Emperor Vodo, the operations seemed to fall apart, and the personnel were compromised. After this happened several times Storm started getting annoyed. Storm tried a few more times to work with Emperor Vodo and his "Sith". It was proving to be a hopeless jester to do anything with Vodo and his "Sith". Storm and one of his operatives decided to set another operation. This time they excluded Vodo and his "Sith". What do you know it worked with out a hitch. After executing a pirate, Vodo refused to pay the bounty, despite his Bounty he put on "Pirates". He insisted this was only for Eidola Pirates. However thats not what his bounty states. Storm realized that Emperor Vodo and his "Sith" were incompetent and a joke. While Vodo's "Sith" are lead by an incompetent leader they will never accomplish anything. Vodo has failed to follow the true Sith Code. He fails to deal in absolutes and he fails to control those beneath him. After being threatened for the Last time, after the galaxy once again saw Vodo's incompetence hard at work, Storm ended all relations with Vodo. It occurred to Storm that it was time to reunite those True Sith members that Vodo had managed to drive out. So Storm called them together and they discussed their options. After their deliberations a new religion was revealed to the galaxy. This new religion would train those who wanted to know the Dark Side of the Force to be trained in the "true" ways of the Sith. This new religion was the "New Sith Order".