Noah Hatfield

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Noah Aedan Hatfield
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffu
Clan Clan Vel
Mother Sia Vel
Father Auron Tourn
Marital Status Married
Siblings Colton Hatfield - Brother
Dain Thurith - Cousin
Children Auron Vel Hatfield
Born Year -18 Day 101
Languages Galactic Common
Jawa Trade Language
Religion The Force
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 Meters - 5'10"
Weight 85.7 Kilos - 189LBS
Coloring White
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation The Guardians of Kiffu
Jedi Order
Clan Vel
Title Vindicator Jedi Order
Lord Consul Clan Vel
Rank Director The Guardians of Kiffu
Knight Jedi Order
Positions Director
Prior Affiliation New Republic
Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Blue Star Dominion
Awards Kowak Operations Ribbon
Ribbon Kowak.png
Gazaan Operations Ribbon

Noah Hatfield is a Kiffar male, hailing from Kiffu in the Azarbani System and often times refers to himself as a "Jack of All, Master of None" no doubt in jest of the fact that he has served in various occupations over his years which has given him a wide range of skills and knowledge that range from the average tasks such as repair and construction, to more spectacular ones such as clandestine warfare and using a lightsaber. While he was once a dedicated soldier for the New Republic and a Knight within the Jedi Order Noah now puts his skills and talents to use as the Director of the Guardians of Kiffu and Vindicator of the Jedi Order.

Historical Data


Service Data

The New Republic

Noah joined the New Republic Army at the age of nineteen. This was not so much done out of any sense of serving a greater cause or hate of an Empire, but rather as an alternative to a twenty-year sentence in a republic penal colony for a laundry list of charges that have since been expunged. Noah considered it the easiest choice of his life at the time of making it but had no idea the path he would end up on after making it. After taking the deal he, like all recruits, was sent to the academy where he completed basic and advanced training. Upon graduation he was rated as a Private First Class and assigned to one of the reserve regiments at Republica where it is believed he served the bulk of, if not all of, his time as a soldier. After this point information about Noah’s service within the New Republic is not known, with only bits and pieces of unconfirmed information available due to the Republic’s collapse following not long after his posting but the presently accepted belief is that he served as military police for most of his time in service and that he did not progress higher than Corporal or Sergeant. Records do confirm that Noah had completed his military service prior to the republic’s fall, for which it is believed he was on Kiffu at the time leading Clan Vel as its new Lord Consul.

The Jedi Order

Unlike the fragmented data from his time in the New Republic, records about Noah’s time with the Jedi Order are more abundant, intact and most all can be confirmed. Unfortunately, only a sliver of it all has been released from the archives for use as public information. It is confirmed that Noah was found to be force sensitive at the age of twenty, though it is not known by who, were, or why he was even tested but due to the age of his discovery being the same as when he graduated it is largely believed he was found by random chance while a soldier. Noah was accepted as an Initiate of the Jedi Order in the same year that he was found to be Force Sensitive and is noted to have been part of a group of four that arrived at the Jedi Praxium for training. Of those four Noah is the only one that seems to have passed the novitiate levels of training and become a Padwan Learner. He was assigned to learn from Grand Master Onasha Katr along with two other padawans. Exact details about the methods of training, and the locations it took place are largely protected as secrets of the order and are not likely to ever be made available. Noah has more than once spoke about his training with Grand Master Katr and has mentioned that despite the difficulty and hazardous nature of Jedi training, his experiences with Onasha were always positive and that without her mentorship he would most assuredly have lost his way. Of the three padawans beneath Onasha it is noted that Noah was the only one to complete his training, with one of them falling into a coma with causes redacted from the file, and the other being arrested after it was discovered he was an operative sent by the Zann Consortium. This would also suggest that Noah was perhaps the final student to complete training beneath Grand Master Katr before she fell into madness. It is also recorded that Noah celebrated his twenty third birthday with Katr while traversing in hyperspace to his Knighting ceremony.

Noah has commented that despite becoming a Knight he was urged by Katr to remain with her as there was more that she wanted to teach him about the force and that she felt he had only scratched the surface of the potential he had. He declined her offer, choosing instead to take on the duties of a Jedi Knight and serve the will of the force more actively. A decision he claims to often second guess, wondering if he might have been able to prevent the fate that would befall his master. Noah served the order for several years both during his time with New Republic and after his discharge. The exact details of his actions during this span of time are also kept locked away but more than one person has come forward claiming to have been helped by him. After years as a Jedi Knight, it would seem Noah decided to step away from such an active role and had even requested to leave the order outright. Instead of seeing her student walk away from the order, Onasha granted Noah a special position within the order and granted him the title of “Wandering Knight”. She decreed that he would be allowed to come and go within the halls of the Jedi as he pleased so long as he remained true to the Jedi Code. After this point there appears to be little if any records of significant value pertaining to Noah’s time as a Jedi. It is believed that Noah was thirty-two years old the day he was made Wandering Knight.

Photograph of a young Noah Hatfield, taken upon achieving the rank of Jedi Knight

Blue Star Dominion

A gap lasting roughly seven to eight years is present where little to no information about Noah or his dealings, but quite a bit was happening across the galaxy. Most important being the Rebel Alliance coming out of the shadows and picking up what pieces were left of a shattered republic. Details about Noah pick back up around the end of the eighth year in an alliance personnel file which documented Noah being recruited to the dominion by Marshal Cedron Tyronel and being cleared for service within the Rebel Alliance. Outside of these details the information once again becomes scattered and unconfirmed, with only a handful of leaked photos and press reports from recent engagements to go on which seem to suggest that Noah has been actively involved in a handful of alliance conflicts which called for the deployment of the dominion’s tier one operatives known only as “Ghosts”.

Leaked photo of Dominion Ghost, Noah Hatfield on Kowak after a successful joint operation by Alliance forces to pacify a Zann sponsored terrorist invasion

Notable Possessions

Vessels & Vehicles

Arquitens Class Light Cruiser Vörðr Norþæn, Spirit of the North in Galactic Basic, a personal favorite that was gifted to Noah by Grand Master Onasha Katr upon completion of his training.

Weapons, Armor, and Clothing

Noah's signature Silver-White bladed lightsaber which he named Banahǫgg, Death Blow in Galactic Basic