Nova Crystal

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Nova Crystal
General information
Symbol Novasymbol.png
Status In-Use
Form Bright green refined Nova Crystals, minted by the Krath Dynasty.
Area of Usage Outer Rim, Krath Dynasty
Historical Information
Creation Date Year 9 Day 337[1]
Created By Krath Dynasty

The Nova Crystal (abbreviated NC) is a form of currency first introduced and mainly used by the Krath Dynasty. It's currently worth between 150,000 and 160,000 Galactic Credits.[2]


The Value of the Nova Crystal over time, compared with the Galactic Credits buying power

Nova crystals are a refined form of the raw Nova that is used in the construction of explosives. Raw Nova taken from the ground and removed from the surrounding rock ore is inherently unstable, hence its typical usage in explosives and other dangerous devices. The refined crystals are then sometimes used in jewellery, but are today mainly used as a form of payment, replacing the more widespread Galactic Standard Credit in Krath space. Used mainly in the Outer Rim where the Galactic Government is distrusted, the crystals are typically accepted alongside credits as an assurance to the seller. Their bright green colouration however can occasionally attract unwarranted attention.[2]

When first released, the Nova Crystal exchange rate was 50,000 galactic credits. As of Year 13 Day 294 the NC is exchangeable for 153,954 credits, triple it's value four years ago.[3]


Introduced by the Krath Dynasty in order to be independent of the Galactic Government. Creator of the Nova Crystal is Krath Lord Frezt Raleigh.

The first Nova crystal ever to be minted, currently in the possession of Ellias Aubec