Operation Korev

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Government Operation
General information
Government Trade Federation
Operation Name Operation Korev
Location Korev System
Goal Prevent Dissolution of MedTech Industries

Operation Korev was an emergency response of the Trade Federation in Year 16 to ensure the safety and stability of the Korev system and to save MedTech Industries from dissolution.

The Beginnings of Trouble

MedTech Industries began in Year 8 as an association of medical professionals who felt called to help alleviate the suffering caused by the Second Galactic Civil War. Under the care of the Viceroy Toran Slisik of the Trade Federation, MedTech grew into a large and successful medical conglomerate responsible for the training and deployment of doctors and medics, production of medical supplies for the Trade Federation and the galaxy, and research into advanced medical practices. Viceroy Slisik remained a skilled and faithful leader of the company even long after he passed on the viceroyal duties to his successor. Concern for his health eventually caused Slisik to retire from MedTech in Year 15, and the board of directors chose Slisik's long time deputy Vin Terrix to lead the company in his place. Even before Terrix took control of MedTech, many in the company and the Trade Federation expressed their concern. Some questioned his dedication to his work while others were worried that Terrix was involved in too much and would spread himself too thin. Almost immediately after the board elected him the new chairperson of MedTech Industries, Terrix confirmed the worst fears by consistently missing board meetings, showing up late to press conferences, and even his closest staff would report going days, weeks, or even months without hearing from him. It was not long before the situation at MedTech became dire.

A Logistical Miracle

Towards the end of Year 15 Trade Federation officials received a grim report: should current trends be allowed to continue, MedTech Industries would be in imminent danger of collapse. Duceroy Nohv Schiller and Regent Olwin Froon began to work tirelessly to prevent such a disaster. They began personally contacting as many board members, officers, and managers within MedTech as they could. Getting an accurate picture of the facts as they were across the Korev system where MedTech was based proved difficult. If MedTech was allowed to collapse, millions of sentients would lose their jobs, poverty and crime would spike in the system, criminal organizations could easily grab footholds, and rich investors from across the galaxy would divide and buy up different parts of the business and the system at auction, further destabilizing Korev's way of life.

The first thing the Trade Federation did was to replace Vin Terrix with Gawain Darksky as acting chairperson of MedTech Industries and as the new Deputy Director of Pharmaceuticals. With Darksky's expertise and with the trust the residents of the Korev system had for him, preparations could be made to curb the effects of MedTech's mismanagement. A massive amount of crews from the Federation's Department of Logistics and the Department of the Interior were reassigned to help stabilize Korev. Heavy freighters laden with raw materials, prefabricated buildings, and construction crews were stationed throughout the system to fortify important infrastructure and attend to almost a year of deferred maintenance. Experts from major metropolitan areas were flown into Korev to help advise the local leaders. Law Enforcement agents set up patrols and precincts to keep the peace and dissuade criminal elements from seeking control. Naval forces were deployed across Korev to defend against any opportunistic foreign interference. Most importantly, prominent merchants and businessmen loyal to the viceroy and to the Federation were dispersed to the major auction houses across the system and the galaxy and were authorized to buy up any MedTech property that may have been auctioned off so it could be returned to MedTech control.


Countless individuals worked tirelessly to keep Korev stable in its time of transition. While MedTech was pulled back from the brink of collapse, acting chairperson Darksky quickly came to the conclusion that the company was in shambles and that it would be easier to dissolve it themselves and start a new company to manage its assets. The Trade Federation Cabinet considered this proposal carefully, and eventually decided on a similar course of action. The Great Merge with the Avance Coalition gave the Trade Federation control of Alpha Medical Corporation. The cabinet decided to merge MedTech Industries into Alpha Medical under the auspices of the Department of Pharmaceuticals. What started out as an emergency stabilizing operation turned into a year-long process of adaptive change as Korev came under Alpha Medical's control and into the Trade Federation proper. In recognition of their service above and beyond the call of duty, all those who participated in Operation Korev were formally recognized by the viceroy and awarded a special campaign ribbon.