Operation Saint George

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DateYear 10 Day 80 (infiltration began) — Year 10 day 185
ResultComplete Destruction of Dragon Armored Transport by Eidola and Mando'ade.
Eidola Pirates
Dragon Armored Transport Service
Commanders and Leaders
Warlord Squall Chitose
Mand'alor Kai Oryk
Joni Yuma

Operation Saint George was an operation planed and executed by the Eidola Pirates, in conjunction with Mando'ade, against Joni Yuma's Dragon Armored Transportation Service (DATS). Squall Chitose was able to infiltrate DATS and work his way up to second-in-command. All the while, Chitose was working with Eidola and Mando'ade to kill Yuma. Chitose was able to lure Yuma to Kintan, where Kai Oryk was able to capture her. Yuma was killed by Chitose and Oryk live on the GNS on Year 10 Day 179.

Aftermath & Legacy

With Yuma's death, Chitose inherited DATS. He stripped the faction of all valuable assets, and sold the shell to Vee Null for a bargain price. As part of their deal, Oryk was able to reclaim Mando'ade's ancestral home, Argovia. It had previously been occupied by DATS security forces. Chitose was able to hunt down and kill the remaining leadership of DATS, Markus Oblivion and Arach Legend.