Outer Rim War

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Eidola, Rogue SquadronImperial Union ,The Avance Coalition, Krath Dynasty, Tresario Star Kingdom
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This term was coined by Eidola Pirates leader Teniel Djo to describe Eidola's conflict against Governments and other organizations operating in the Outer Rim starting from Year 7 when Eidola was founded.

A trademark of the conflict has been high incidents of thefts and kidnappings.


Year 7 Actions

Year 8 Actions

Year 9 Actions

Year 10 Actions

Year 11 Actions

Year 12 Actions


Eidola is reported to have an alliance with the Mandalorian organisation led by Kai Oryk,now known as the Mando'ade, was previously organized as the Neo-Mandalorians.

It also is reported to have good relations with the Smuggler's Guild.

Eidola signed a Non Aggression Pact with Rogue Squadron in Year 12. Rogue Squadron also granted Eidola letters of marque and reprisal to engage in privateer activities(legalized piracy) against Imperial and Imperial-allied Governments, such as Mandalore led by former Imperial Tyr Demeer.


Eidola coined the phrase "Imperial Remnant" to describe the Galactic Empire, which is one of its primary enemies.

It also is reported to be in conflict with Black Sun over control of the Black Markets of the Outer Rim(see:Black Sun-Eidola War).