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Outlanders Logo.jpg
General Information
Motto Freedom. Brotherhood. Prosperity.
Status Active
Leader Alessandro De Caito
Headquarters Overpike
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 52
Political Information
Industry Mercenary


Freedom. Brotherhood. Prosperity.

The three things the organization values the most, in that order. An Outlander is nothing without his freedom, values his brotherhood within the organization, and looks to make the galaxy as a whole prosper.

The name is believed to have originated from a pod race they organized on a planet on the outer rim that wasn't exactly legal. They felt the citizens of the planet needed some entertainment and raced among both themselves and invited the local populace who owned pod racers to join them. It was believed the local politician who came out and seen the spectacle screamed "Get out of here! Outlanders!" So the name was born and embraced.

Usually identified by the golden emblem that many wear on their clothing, as well as displayed on their banners they set up when pod racing. The Outlanders offer a free of discrimination environment, they feel both genders and all races should be able to enjoy any events they organize.

Along with them running transport jobs and visiting planets to set up events for the locals, they also offer a program that allows sentients to get on their feet. If any sentient is looking for transport off of their homeworld to become employed, they will pick them up free of charge and bring them to their work station.

On top the previous program, they will also offer basic training should any sentient choose to accept it, that will include ship piloting and weapons safety to any sentient that would need such training.


  • Outlanders Banner.jpg (Year 16)