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Outlanders Logo.jpg
General Information
Motto Freedom. Brotherhood. Bravado.
Status Dissolved
Leader Los Luum
2IC Alessandro De Caito
Owner Alessandro De Caito
Headquarters Overpike
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 52
Dissolved Year 16 Day 209
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrotica Conglomerate
Industry Mercenary


Freedom. Brotherhood. Bravado.

The three words that can be used to describe every Outlander.

The Outlanders are a social club of freedom loving speed junkies. The Outlander name is derived from a deragatory classification given to illegal pod racers who swarmed an undisclosed planet for a large underground pod race. The organizers of this group evolved into the Outlanders. Today the Outlanders value their freedom above all else. As many governments seek to control the local populaces to further their own pocket books, the Outlanders know that only through absolute freedom can one truly prosper. Freedom to race; freedom to travel and trade; freedom to do as they please; and freedom to make one's own way without being forced into servitude to any master. The only law that Outlanders recognize is that of the Outlander Code, a loose set of guidelines that bind all Outlanders together in a spirit of family and brotherhood.

As is custom with those who have tasted the freedom that comes with being out from under the control of oppressive regimes, Outlanders are often prone to shows of bravado and while some of them simply put on a show taking advantage of their newfound freedom other are quite serious in their displays.

While bound by their loves of freedom and speed, the Outlanders are as diverse as any local cantina on an outer rim planet. Each Outlander is an individual and a member of the Outlander family and while we are willing to share a glass or a meal with almost anyone, only the select few are selected to become true Outlanders. Outlanders do not have any ranks, nor do they pay monthly salaries. Each Outlander is allowed to partake in whatever ventures they seem fit so long as they do not go against their family. Every member is considered an equal to all others in the brotherhood. All major decisions are decided by a direct democracy of all club members.


  • Outlanders Banner.jpg (Year 16)


Outlanders is notorious for its Pod racing and Swoop races. They can be found on just about any planet without a shield protecting it, racing and organizing entertainment for the local populace of the planet they choose to visit. However their disrespect for any and all local laws when organizing these events usually gets them labelled as pirates or other forms of undesirables. This is of course not the case, they just refuse to bow to any laws but their own.

Outlanders' Laws

Thou shalt own upon thineself at least 1 high speed vehicle of club approval

Treat all beings with the respect they deserve; but bend thy knee to none

Harm not those who have not done harm; but to those that heap dishonor upon your head, drive them into dust

Lend aid to all brethren or sistren of Club Outlander at all times of need; lest ye fall and none be there to pick thee up

Stand for those who are lost, oppressed, or downtrodder. From hence thee has alreay journeyed

To each his share, from each his due; Success for Outlanders all

Whenever out of the clubhouse be thee arrayed in the splendor of the Outlanders or nothing at all!

Dine with all who invite thee in; but be wary he who would seek to fatten your gut or poison your tongue.

Respect the secrets of the Outlanders; keeping our ways sacred beyond the realms of death

Give reverence to each his religious due; but do not allow thine mind to be clouded by the regulaions of those who seek to control us

Those that should violate these sacred bounds, shall be punished as deemed fit by a majority of the Outlanders. All new members shall be voted on and approved by a 100% vote of all current members before being given membership.

Outlanders' Associates

Outlanders can often be found doing various forms of work for the Xucphra medical company. Due to Alessandro De Caito's and Los Luum's close friendship with Xucphra's leader, Spree Razzix. Due to this relationship, at least one member of Outlanders can usually be found at any given time in the Phu sector somewhere.

Mecrotica Conglomerate
Leadership Dac Kain · Alysia Kain · Spree Razzix · Coleman Rendar · Torak Kruhl · Andre Lauche · Bouma Ga'Mon
Current Subsidiaries Mecrosa · Xucphra · Viraxo Industries · The Mecrosa Order · The Angry Rancor Distribution Company · Kobola
Former/Dissolved Subsidiaries TransGalMeg · Outlanders · Mecrosa Trading Company · Renew
Other Affiliations Phu Sector University
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