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{{Infobox Faction
{{Infobox Faction
| name = Permanent Solutions
| name = Permanent Solutions
| image = [[File:Permanent_Solutions_Logo.png|250px]]
| image = [[File:Permanent_Solutions_Logo.png|150px]]
| motto =
| motto =
| status =  Active
| status =  Active

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Permanent Solutions
Permanent Solutions Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Gredek Dregoth
Headquarters Moroa
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 42
Political Information
Industry Mercenary


Permanent Solutions is your corporate partner in mercenary business.

Not another group of glorified Pirates and Bounty Hunters, PS builds upon a solid foundation of business know how in combination with military training. Personnel trained in naval combat and ground base assaults/defense including covert operation grants a professional performance on every level.

Permanent Solutions also offers: - Risk analyses - Security concepts - basic and advanced training for security personnel in space and on ground (theoretical lessons and combat simulations)

With our Safe Conduct Code you can be assured that while discussing a contract all information remains confidential. We also employ a no competition clause free of charge - valid 3 months - that if you have a contract with us we will not accept another contract which harms your interests. For Potential Recruits we provide vigorous training programs to ensure you embody our Core Values while making sure you can test and improve your skills over time.


  • Permanent Solutions Banner.png (Year 16)