Phu (Sector)

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Phu sector.PNG
General information
Controlled ByMecrosa
Astrographic EntryPhu
This article is about a sector in the Colonies region. For the planetary system, see Phu. For the planet located therein, see Phu.

The Phu sector is a sector located in the Colonies. It contains four systems: Hjaff, Candoria, Phu, and Trunska.


System Position Planets Population Controller
Hjaff (-86, -71) 3 1,170,182,121 Mecrosa
Trunska (-80, -92) 3 87,182,762 Mecrosa
Phu (-70, -100) 4 31,621,228 Mecrosa
Candoria (-82, -80) 3 876,638,521 Mecrosa