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[[Category: Organisations]]
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Praedones Syyn
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Praedones Syyns was created by 12 friends to be a underground pirate group. They are a very secret group that infiltrates organisations just to either steal from them, kidnap their members, or just to gain intel .

Eidola has tried hard to infiltrate Praedones Syyn for reasons unknown. Very few publicly announce that they are a member because doing so means becoming blacklisted from most traders.

While most pirate groups use scaming as a way to make money, Praedones Syyns does not lower themselves to such means to gain wealth. Only one member has scammed and as a result he was later sold into slavery by his own group. Praedones Syyn often uses trickery and cunning to capture their victims.

Very little is known about this group, their leader and members are unknown.