Pravus Malum

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Pravus Malum
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Not Married
Siblings None
Children Not at this time
Born Year 11 Day 48
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile, Pacnorval Defense Systems, Galactic Medical, Andromeda Security Services, Andromeda Starforge, Andromeda Salvage Group
Rank Chief Executive Officer
Positions Founder / Ceo / Leader
Prior Affiliation Ailon Nova Guard, Pacnorval Defense Systems [NFG], Galactic Medical, Andromeda Starforge,Andromeda Salvage Group.
Awards Special Service award [ANG], Meritorious Service Award [GM],[ANG] Crossover Service Ribbon, [GM] Crossover Service Ribbon
"Everyone believes we live in a normal society. What is normal? Normal is everything that everyone else is, that you are not!"
— Pravus Malum


Leader of Many & Visionary


Sopr'avu'smalum; "Pravus" is tall for a Chiss. He can come off as a very serious person but one has to break thru the outer shell that he has built over time.

His is often found in his military uniform as he feels most comfortable in some thing that resembles order and structure. He is a company man and wouldnt have it any other way.

1.8 meters tall. 91 Kg

Early Years

Pravus is member of an old family of Chiss thought to be exiled and forgotten. His upbringing is not that of the norm. Which explains why he is the way he is today. Pravus grew up on the outskirts of a major city on Csilla. As a child he was tough morals from the old ways of society. Chiss people in todays society firmly believe in honor and ruling houses. His family doctrine was respect your elders. His parents were exiledd from Chiss society when he was but a youngling. At the time Pravus' father served the ruling family. A coup has been staged to remove the head Aristocra from his position. Pravus' father was the "Fall Guy". His father and the ruling family knew well that is was not his fault. In the matters of honor to the ruling family Pravus' father accepted the fault as to not hurt the Chiss Ascendancy and instead of the normal execution lived in exile with his family. After the passing of his parents Pravus vowed to raise his family name and have them honored by all Chiss.


Doesnt conform to normal Chiss standards, has a bit of an idiosyncranism. Self centered, believes he should not conform to others and their ways. Has problems playing the "game". Developed his own set of rules for the "game". Pravus bares a militaristic personality after serving for most of his adult life. Only the military makes sense in his bleak yet ironic life that he now deals with. The structure of the military makes him feel whole and believes that all should be appart of the whole. His standards and beliefs had changed from that of childhood to adult hood.

Previous Affiliations

Ailon Nova Guard the Government

Ailon Guard Memorial
Original Concept

Pravus joined the Ailon Government after leaving the 2nd incarnation of the Chiss Ascendancy.

KCTA Kalsi-Creed Trade

KCTA was created by Ettore Kalsi and his former partner Jack Creed whom shortly after its inception perrished in a tragic accident. Pravus was asked by Ettore late in Year 11 to join KCTA after helping with a marketing concept for new product.

Ailon University

A university concept created by Xavier Bourdain with the help of Pravus and Usta Yigit. Together they three compiled Ailons history and schooling and placed it into one new recruit academy.



Galactic Medical

Andromeda Republic

Pacnorval Defense Systems

Awards and Merits

Factions Pravus has ran or formed at some stage include:

The Many Faces of Pravus

War TornMy Cigar