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This about the Rebel Alliance that became the New Republic, you may be looking for the Rebel Alliance founded in Year 8 after the original organisation merged with SoroSuub Corporation. If you're looking for the Rebel Alliance which spawned from the ashes of the New Republic, it can be viewed here.

Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance Emblem Year 8.png
General Information
Motto "For Freedom"
Status Defunct (reformed into New Republic)
Leader See Below
Historical Information
Founded Circa Year -2
Dissolved Year 8 Day 98 (see: New Republic)
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Industry Government
Holosite Rebel Alliance (Archived)

The Rebel Alliance was an idealistic organization that opposed the Galactic Empire and the tyranny that it considered it to be. During its existence from Year -2 to Year 8, the organization served as the principal opponent of Empire. On Year 8 Day 98, the Rebel Alliance and the colossal SoroSuub Corporation merged to establish the New Republic. Upon an Imperial overthrow during the early stages of Year 21, a new iteration of the Rebel Alliance spawned from the ashes to continue the fight against the Galactic Empire's cause.

Declaration of Intent

Rebel Alliance Banner Year 8.gif

We, the beings of the Rebel Alliance, do this day send forth this Declaration to His Majesty, the Emperor, and to all sentient beings in the galaxy, to make clear to all the Purposes and Goals of this Rebellion. We firmly acknowledge the importance and necessity of the institution of Galactic Government. We believe that the Galactic Government derives its power and right to rule from the consent of the governed. We believe that, should the rights of free beings be willfully and malignantly usurped, it is the unalienable right of said beings to alter or abolish said Government. We believe that the Galactic Empire has willfully and malignantly usurped the rights of the free beings of our galaxy and therefore, it is our unalienable right to abolish it from the galaxy. We do not take this course lightly. Government long established should not be changed for light and transient causes, but when a Government displays a history of usurpation, abuse and moral atrocity, displaying a clear design to subjugate totally and absolutely beings born free under the auspices of nature, it is our right - our duty - to depose that Government. The history of the present Galactic Empire is of repeated injuries upon its members, with the direct objective of establishing you, the Emperor, as absolute tyrant over the galaxy: You have disbanded the senate, the voice of the people; You have instituted a policy of blatant racism and genocide against the non-human peoples of the galaxy; You have overthrown the chosen rules of planets, replacing them with Moffs and governors of your choice; You have raised taxes without the consent of those taxed; You have murdered and imprisoned millions without benefit of trial; You have unlawfully taken land and property; You have extended the military far beyond what is necessary and prudent, for the sole purpose of oppressing your subjects. We, the Rebel Alliance, do, therefore, in the name - and by authority - of the free beings of the galaxy, solemnly publish and declare our intentions: To fight and oppose you and your forces, by any and all means at our disposal; To refuse any Imperial law contrary to the rights of free beings; to bring about your destruction of the Galactic Empire; To make forever free all beings in the galaxy. We additionally pledge to defend freedom across all bounds, and to defend the natural unalienable rights of all against any group that seeks their unlawful repression or rule. To these ends, we pledge our property, our honor and our lives.

High Command

Civil Commands

Alliance Diplomacy Command

Diplomacy Command is an elite group of diplomats who seek peaceful solutions whenever and wherever possible for the best of the Rebel Alliance and the rest of the Galaxy. In addition to that monumental responsibility, Diplomacy has an additional and equally important job - gathering business partners, friends and allies in the Galaxy for the struggles between the Rebel Alliance and its enemies.

Rebel Intelligence

The Center of Rebel Intelligence has various tasks within the Rebel Alliance. Primarily it monitors all channels of communication to gain more information and also makes sure other information is kept safe.We find intelligence on all important areas of the galaxy; monitoring enemy fleet and army movements, reconnaissance of unknown planetary systems, investigation of enemy construction and R&D etc. Secondarily CRI deals with internal security: finding infiltrators, hunting down defectors and the backgrounds checks of all new cadets. Furthermore CRI handles rescue missions for enemy defectors, captured allies and downed pilots.

Interior Command

Interior Command is in service to make sure that many of the basic building blocks of the Alliance are kept in order. The Command’s main purpose is to back up the military commands, and to ensure that any tasks that may arise are accomplished, so that the fight against enemies of the Rebel Alliance can continue. Divisions of Interior:

  • Academy:

The Academy is tasked with the training and smooth transition of our cadets from new members of the Alliance to full time active members of the various commands. The academy is often where the first connections and friendships are formed within the Alliance.

  • Engineering Corps:

Engineering command is mainly responsible for all (planetary) construction, mining, R&D and production needed for improvement and expansion of the Rebel Alliance.

  • Transport Corps:

Led by Corellian Transport Services, Transport Command is responsible for hauling materials and ships, as well as picking up and dropping off new cadets and officers to their designated locations.

  • Medical Corps:

The goals of MedCom are to heal those in need of healing, to perform life-saving operations and to perform medical research to help further the medical goals of the Rebel Alliance. MedCom performs this by working closesly with R&D to further fields such as Cybernetics and Surgery procedures. MedCom utilises those who are Full-time or Part-time. Full-time members work in Alliance Hospitals, working for the greater good. Part-time members work on the field, as Fleet, Flight, or Field medics.

  • Nationalized Subsidiaries Corps:

Interior Command is charged with making sure that each nationalized subsidiary is able to work, and help the Alliance. Most of these connections occur at the higher end of Interior.

Military Commands

Naval Command

Naval Command is lead by a military officer with the position title of Chief of Naval Command and rank of High Admiral. The Naval Command is responsible for the organization and operation of Alliance Capital ships, as organized into Fleets, and Space Defense Stations. The Naval High Command Officer is responsible for communicating the decisions of the High Command to the Battle Group and Defense Group Command Staff. The Chief of the Navy is responsible for ensuring proper Fleet integration in Battle and Defense Groups. The CMO may add further responsibilities to the Naval High Commander portfolio.

Starfighter Command

Starfighter Command is lead by a military officer with the position title of Chief of Starfighter Command and rank of High Marshall. The Starfighter Command is responsible for the organization and operation of Alliance Fighters, as organized into Wings. The Starfighter High Command Officer is responsible for communicating the decisions of the High Command to the Battle Group and Defense Group Command Staff. The Chief of the SFC is responsible for ensuring proper Wing integration in Battle and Defense Groups. The CMO may add further responsibilities to the Starfighter High Commander portfolio.

Army Command

Army Command is lead by a military officer with the position title of Chief of Army Command and rank of High General. The Army Command is responsible for the organization and operation of Alliance ground forces and vehicles, as organized into Divisions, and the continuous operation of Alliance ground based defenses. The Army Command is also responsible for safeguarding Naval ships and Space Stations against enemy boarding while themselves boarding enemy ships and installations. The Army High Command Officer is responsible for communicating the decisions of the High Command to the Battle Group and Defense Group Command Staff. The Chief of Army is responsible for ensuring proper Division integration in Battle and Defense Groups. The CMO may add further responsibilities to the Army High Commander portfolio.

Timeline of Alliance Leaders

Main article: Supreme Commander

This page is about the leader of the Rebel Alliance. For other uses of the title, see Supreme Commander (disambiguation).


The Supreme Commander (also known as the Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance, Resistance Leader, or Rebellion Chief of State), is the Head of State of the Rebel Alliance. The Supreme Commander works with their appointed Rebel Alliance Council to pass laws and policies, oversee economic development, military growth and operations, trade and diplomacy, and intelligence operations. The Supreme Commander serves a term as leader as defined within the Charter of the Alliance, and is allowed to stand for democratic reelection should they desire.

Throughout its history, the Supreme Commander has gone through numerous iterations, having changed to the role of a President briefly, before shifting to a more pacificist political title of Chief of State during the Rebel Alliance merger with the SoroSuub Corporation in forming the New Republic. Upon the conclusion of the War for the Republic, the title of Supreme Commander returned to recognize the leader of the Alliance to the galaxy.

The present incumbent Supreme Commander is Orion Chran.

Known Supreme Commanders

To date, numerous men and women have served as the leader of the Rebel Alliance forces, across the various iterations of the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic.

Splinters & Insurgencies

SoroSuub Corporation

SoroSuub Logo Circa Year 8 CGT
Main article: SoroSuub Corporation

Shortly after the establishment of SoroSuub as a government, the Galactic Empire recognized that SoroSuub could be a threat to their power. SoroSuub later declared its complete rejection of Imperial rule, and it joined the Rebel Alliance (among others) in their intention to bring freedom and justice to the Galaxy; a stance it maintained through several changes in ownership. Each of the corporations within the growing Conglomerate played a unique role in the SoroSuub Corporation, something that was identified to be in tandem with the Rebel Alliance organizations. SoroSuub Corporation and the Rebel Alliance then started diplomatic negotiations which would inevitably see the merger of both entities and the creation of The New Republic.

Maradin Sandwalker was the first elected Chief of State of the New Republic, but their tenure was short-lived after technical failures aboard his vessel rendered him stranded and incommunicado within the Unknown Regions of space. Minister Phymp Mindano, a former leader of the Rebel Alliance, assumed control and scheduled a special election, which saw Ingo R Vailis elected by the New Republic populous in controversial circumstances. After his appointment, Vailis appointed Black Sun Dark Prince Adam A Flynn as an Executive Advisor with the intent of selling the criminal organization to the Eidola Pirates while remaining on as Chief of State. Outraged at this maneuver, New Republic officials passed a vote of no-confidence against Vailis, who in retaliation with Adam A Flynn, assumed control of numerous Republic worlds, armaments, credit stockpiles, and vessels, before returning to the Black Sun and leaving the New Republic in ruins.

The Election of Darksol

Rebel Insignias Post-Darksol

On Day 3 of Year 21 CGT, Galen Darksol succeeded Jin Solas as the 15th Chief of State of the New Republic. Galen Darksol was a highly decorated civil servant, serving seven terms as a New Republic senator, a diplomat, and as CEO of the Incom Corporation. He defeated fellow senator and celebrated businessman Robby Rae in a landslide election, garnering 75% of the popular vote. Upon his election, the newly minted Chief of State vowed to increase national morale, expand the economy, and build stronger alliances as the government found its way as an independent state, with the New Republic having withdrawn from the Galactic Alliance on Day 74 of the previous year.

The optimism and excitement came to a sudden and shocking halt on Year 22 Day 16 when sentients all over the galaxy saw a broadcast by the ruler of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Seele, that claimed Chief of State Darksol had unconditionally surrendered on behalf of the New Republic, thereby dissolving the Republic and signaling the end of the war with the Empire. The broadcast explained that Darksol had finally realized the corruption and futility of the Republic and had decided to concede for the good of his citizens. This threw [[[Republica]] into turmoil as Republic worlds were blocked and assaulted by Imperial soldiers, vessels were impounded, technology was restricted and organizations and followers of the Rebel cause were forced to bow to Imperial rule.

The majority of sectors captured through the surrender were given to various members of the Imperial Union, with the Galactic Empire absorbing primarily Rebel technology and prisoners, along with significant growth in public sentiment for silencing the insurgencies. Several corners of the galaxy were able to dispel their respective Imperial blockades and assaults which eventually saw the rebirth of the Rebel Alliance under former Chief of Staff Orion Chran, and a competing Rebel cause known publicly as REBEL SCUM, formed by another former Chief of Staff, Jin Solas.


Below is a tabulation of the Aliiance Supreme Commanders as well as their archival portraits, and associated eras. The reign of Maradin Sandwalker saw the birth of the New Republic after the merger for the first iteration of the Rebel Alliance and the SoroSuub Corporation This ran across a thirteen-year period that saw many tumultuous events of treachery and deceit at the hands of numerous individuals. Each time, the New Republic regrouped and reestablished, before the election of Galen Darksol to Chief of State, a well-guarded Imperial operative, saw the fall of the New Republic to the hands of the Galactic Empire. This victory however spawned numerous rebellious factions to compete against the Imperial way of life, chief among them being the Rebel Alliance, reborn under the previous New Republic Chief of State Orion Chran and his followers.


Jacen Lord


Zee Davin Wolf


Princess Solo

Nick Davies











Targ Seth'Gul

Aarkon Dradsmore

Zee Davin Wolf

Mon Akira

Fox Spookers

Shae Briston

David Salohah











Cyrus Cloudwalker

Relm Hesek

Max Fors

Ava'taar Vird'rnnaa

Phymp Mindano

Maradin Sandwalker

Ingo R Vailis









Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar

Zeff Traner

Aves Sunfell

Taka Aioko

Cheda Quche

Azzi Blackgate

Lukastar Narvaka











Kara DuMonte

Ro Ru Wok

Endaro Kassan

Orion Chran

Jin Solas

Galen Darksol

Orion Chran








* The above tabulations do not accurately depict the actual length of each sovereign's reign.

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