Reclamation Corp

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The Reclamation Corp is a team of warriors and scholars genetically-engineered to become more Force-sensitive, if only slightly so. They currently serve under Sebastian Omega, supporting the Force research of House Arkoh.


The Reclamation Corp has its origins in the experimental genetic therapy programs and research of House Arkoh, carried out on the Eren Research Installation started in Year 15. The Arkanian-Offshoot program harnessed the potential of the Metamorphosis Virus and perfected the methods of intentionally altering and individual's genome by splicing in genetic material from another individual off a different species. While most of Arkoh's scientists continued refining these techniques and producing Arkanian-Offshoots, Paul Luz formed a specialized team to apply the research to midichlorians and the genetic markers of Force-sensitivity. The work proved slow and difficult, but in Year 18 they had a breakthrough and discovered a way to slightly elevate the Force-sensitivity of an individual. Luz immediately began accepting applications for the procedure, and selected archeologists, adventurers, and soldiers who had already gone through the Offshoot process and who exhibited an above-average Midichlorian level. Luz and his team then began the gene therapies aimed at raising their Force-sensitivity. While none of the subjects increased their midichlorian levels to anywhere near the level needed to be categorized as a Force-user, they did achieve a greater awareness of the Force, sharper instincts, awareness of other Force-sensitive individuals, and an enhanced ability to locate and interact with Force-related objects.


The Reclaimation Corp uses their special abilities to assist the archivists at Veeshas Tuwan and Eren Installation in tracking down and acquiring rare or dangerous Force-related artifacts both for study and preservation, but also to protect the public, who may be unaware of their power. They are commanded by Sebastian Omega, the first subject to successfully survive the procedure. While they are available to assist Paul Luz in his work with the Guardians of the Whills, they are often deployed on assignments from the archivists on Hassaria, following the leads they uncover.