Red Moon Horizon

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Red Moon Horizon
Red Moon Horizon logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Seth Haze
2IC Xank Cro`lok
Headquarters OL
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 40
Political Information
Industry Mercenary


A band of brothers and sisters, formed by people who have seen a lot and have lived through more. Each of the founders of this group of warriors possesses a core of resilience. They have seen much in life and their experiences have shaped them, driving them forward with a wisdom few possess. Their leader, a strong Kaleesh by the name of Seth Haze, is considered to be a man of wisdom and patience and is a true warrior at heart. He has been a fighter his entire life, and a very efficient one too. Red Moon Horizon is designed to function the way Haze believes society should function; calm, but on edge, the edge only a representative of the unknown and the calm the method in which it is faced. The collective founders share a common vision, feeling that too many people in the Galaxy focus on the wrong things, whether it be power or money— who but someone weak of spirit requires either of those? The Horizon is here to bring balance to what many consider “good” and “evil”, understanding there is a large gray area in the Galaxy that needs to be acknowledged, understood, and handled without prejudice.

Red Moon Horizon specialises in bounty hunting, combat and security. Each member comes with years of knowledge and experience in these fields and has truly developed a sense for this way of life. They care very little for money—, holding honor above all else, though they are very much aware the Galaxy operates on credits in order to survive. Red Moon Horizon offers their services to any in need of it. Their morals are and will always be their own. Approach them with your jobs and they will review the requirements. Should Red Moon decline the offer for whatever reason, rest assured, full discretion will be maintained. They have their honor, just not necessarily that which has been predefinied by anything or anyone.


  • Red Moon Horizon banner.png (Year 16)